NEW YORK (AP) — Sean Hannity has apologized for reading a fake news story on air that claimed first lady Michelle Obama had scrubbed her Twitter account of mentions of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The conservative radio talker and Fox News host also says one of his radio listeners called in to say President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren did the same. On Twitter Tuesday , Hannity said, “Fact is they didn’t. I humbly apologize. Live radio.”

Hannity is one of Donald Trump’s biggest allies in the media and has acknowledged giving the GOP nominee campaign advice in private.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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28 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Apologizes For Lying On Michelle Obama

  1. Y’all leave Sean Hannity alone, he made an honest mistake y’all should be looking at Hillary Clinton and Obama for all the lies they tell.

  2. R Campbell on said:

    Sean Hannity’s entire career is based on lies an conspiracy theories. President Obama was a blessing to him. It gives this knucklehead something to complain about while making money of it. Pay me 20 Million a year I might tell you just what you wanna hear too. He’s not a journalist. Before getting into radio he was unemployed contractor. Now he acts like he is “all that”
    Every time I see him I Wanna throw a brick at my TV. However it is important to know what your enemy is thinking

  3. Like I said before peter johson: be careful about calling people apes. With those African roots you have, one day you and your misses may have some ape babies. You know yall crawled out of the caves and mated with anything that was available including apes.

  4. Peeps, Trumps is leading in the polls by 2 points and increasing. I guess people really don’t trust Hillary. Fact is, she is not for us.

  5. peaches on said:

    That is why we all need to get out an vote. or there will be a bigger lies like that if trump get elected to be their president.

  6. Gotha be careful this day and age when it comes to information this isn’t the first time some Reporter, Commentator, or Analyst has been duped into reporting a falsehood

  7. Hannity is a POS–he needs to STFU!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fox channel deserves him and that O’Reilly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If there was malice or intentional deception I could see disciplinary measures
      but if they fired every news personality for putting out an inaccurate story there wouldn’t be anyone left on television

      • specialt757 on said:

        Jose I see you have empathy for this lying piece of dirt, saying his lying wasn’t intentional or was malice driven, but you wouldn’t give Hillary the same credit or curtesy . Why is that?

      • RENO2AC if it were intentional… why would he apologize/ special757 Hilary’s problems and deceptions are chronic like and alcoholic saying this is my last drink, yeah you’ve heard that one before

      • RENO2AC on said:

        Why would he apologize? Because he got got. Duhhhhhhhhh!!! People apologize all the time for things that they meant to say and do.

  8. Charles D. on said:

    He’s always been a liar! From the very start he has lied along with others at fox and its so bad some of MSNC on air talent (Morning Joe)!

  9. So much for “fair and balance”. This not the first time. Foxnews has done this with other topics, it is just now someone is challenging them. This is why tabloid journalism has taken over real news. Lies sells and people eat it up.

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