11/2/16- Rev. Al Sharpton talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the importance of voting with less than a week away.

“It would be a disgrace in history that we get to the voting that really counts and we don’t show up because we’re not excited about a candidate. President Obama’s concerns and legacy is on the ballot. We’ve got to get up and wake up,” Sharpton said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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6 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton Says POTUS’ Legacy Is On The Ballot

  1. Huma Abedin on said:

    Hillary has stated that Blacks “are called ‘super-predators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended that way, but first we have bring them to heel.”

    How could Blacks possibly vote against her?!?

  2. No President has ever done anything that will benefit Black People, and Obama folllowed suit. What has he done that Black People benefitted from? He made sure gays had rights when all they need is a Psychiatrist. He ran to every funeral of a non-African American. So he has no legacy.

  3. Mountain on said:

    THAT is the problem its not supposed to about his legacy but the betterment of Black youth but
    Let’s hire Clinton who doesn’t identify w the “common folk” but if anyone else did 1/10 of what
    Clinton has done would be jail never to be seen again. #ICYMI

  4. Alberta on said:

    I want to know why Black people trust de white man soo much..Yes it’s true he made a law protecting our so called “civil rights” what makes us think he wouldn’t rescind on his word? Some people rescind within 3 days De White man may rescind on the matter eventually…it’s inevitable..sooner or later..we should know by now that men Lie! It’s only been about 50 yrs…He can’t take it any longer..he’s never satisfied even with trillions & billions in the bank..He..Dee White man is the Deceiver the Son of perdition & you can not make war with him…He always breaks contracts with nations…he broke his contract with Native Americans..& every other nation he tries to conquer…Soo who do we think we are more special than they? Only GOD’s LAWs are eternal…man’s laws are temporary….Did we forget they KILLED MLKing..they didn’t give us anything we didn’t already possess. .Jesus will work it out for us in the end.

  5. If you think a vote for Hillary will continue for corporate mis-administration as you call it, vote for Trump and see what happens. Vote for Trump and you will see how high food prices will be, how high the unemployment rate will be. And if you think Trump has this Great Health Plan for Health Insurance you wait on that because in all three debates, I haven’t heard a plan from the man yet. I’ve heard a lot of Hilary hasn’t done this Hilary hasn’t done that but you hear no plans from Trump and if you think Trump is going to take second look at middle class families and families living in poverty, think again and wait for it because it’s not happening. The Wealthy will benefit from him though.

  6. Different article, same crap. The bias for the President is real and extreme. To keep this 100, the legacy of the last eight years proved how corporate America bought this presidency and his administration. Yes, the stock market improved but how did it help the average black family. The unemployment rate is being ‘reported’ as a decline but the true rate is not being reported (I know lots of educated, black, female, veterans who are unemployed) not favoring black families. The economy, food prices have been increasing although gas prices are down, no one is reporting about that. And let’s talk about how ACA have made health insurance unaffordable for those who had insurance before.
    Voting for Hillary will continue for corporate mis-administration. Now, Donald Trump have said lots of negative things but he is not going to be bought by corporate America like this administration.

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