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chicagotwinsThis weekend was the deadliest so far this year in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune reports that 17 people were killed, including an eighth-grade honors student and twin 17-year-old boys.

Between Friday afternoon and early Monday morning, nearly a dozen and a half people died, and 42 were injured by gun violence, outpacing last year in shootings and homicides. Of the 17 people who were killed, seven were younger than 20.

Typically, warm weather begats violence, but this weekend’s toll was deadlier than the three long summer holiday weekends: Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July weekend and Labor Day weekend, according to Tribune data. Up until now, Father’s Day weekend 2016 had been the most violent with 59 people shot, 13 fatally.

The youngest victim was 14-year-old Demarco Webster Jr., described by his grade school principal as one of her best students. Webster had planned to run for student council and try out for basketball, and he was being recruited for an NAACP leadership program.

A little more than 24 hours later, 17-year-old twins Edward Bryant and Edwin Bryant were killed in an apparent drive-by shooting in Old Town. Both had been shot several times and were pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

This past weekend there were shootings in every area of the city but the Far North and Northwest sides, according to police.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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8 thoughts on “Chicago’s Deadliest Weekend Of 2016 Includes Teenage Twins Among Its Victims

  1. All I can say is you can’t do a drive by on Jesus Christ. You ain’t seen a drive by like the one that is going to come upon this obviously perpetrated scheme to eliminate people of color. This has gone beyond humanly possible and until people wake up and realize that there is a spiritual war going on and look beyond bigotry, hatred, violence, etc., everyone is going down. What is needed at this time is a lot of prayers for our communities, for our leaders, for our neighbors, friends and loved ones. People will sit on these blogs and argue, fight, disagree, bicker and whatever else and not once do I hear anyone talking about what is needed for people to get the help that is needed and trust, people, it is only coming from above, so knock it off and get back to business of praising the only person who can help us at this time. It ain’t Hillary, it ain’t Trump, the only person who can save us and this nation right now is The Lord, Jesus Christ. Wake up and stop giving importance to things that really don’t matter in the long and mean nothing. We are suppose to love everyone. If you are not doing that, then you my friend are part of the problem.

    • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

      Sounds good but your target audience is the thugs in the inner city that is committing the crime. If you are not directing your message to them ” If you are not doing that, then you my friend are part of the problem.” …………………Mic Drop!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, looks like the police decided to do what they were asked and stay out of certain neighborhoods and let them handle their own affairs. Roy Orbison could have seen this coming.

  3. redbone1954 on said:

    This is really overwhelming and past scary. I agree maybe the nationa guard needs to be there but is that really a solution? Can they stay there forever? what is the solution?

    • Outrage? I will tell you where the outrage is, it has come and gone a long time ago. I just wish these gang banging fools would just shoot each other instead of innocent bystanders. Because I am through with them as people. They are like dogs on the hay. Can’t eat it and won’t let anyone else have it. They are worthless.

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