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Tyler Perry and Lionsgate have partnered once again for Boo! A Madea Halloween, the hilarious wise-cracking senior citizen who finds herself fending off killers, ghosts, ghouls, and zombies all while keeping an eye on a few misbehaving teens.

Tyler talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the connection between Chris Rock and the movie, Donald Trump and more politics.

On the tight race between Trump and Clinton:

“How can that be? You need somebody in the seat that knows what they’re doing. As President Obama said, Hillary Clinton is the most qualified for that seat. It’s embarrassing. We just need to get out and vote.”

Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween opens on October 21, 2016.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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(Photo Source: Eli Joseph)

33 thoughts on “Tyler Perry On Politics: ‘If You Make A Certain Amount Of Money You Should Be A Republican’

  1. hubbert on said:

    how do not care how much money you make,that doesn’t mean that you should be a republican. there is such a thing as using common sense..

  2. We are all God’s children–Democrats, Republicans, and other Parties. You shouldn’t base your opinion of people simply because of their position or affiliation with our political parties. What if I said that Democrats are nothing more than a gang connection and invite who like to keep others from being their fullest potential or purpose.

    • Billy Thompson on said:

      I totally agree with you. He is a confused bitch-man hiding behind a woman’s character. I’ve never seen any of his crap. I’m tired of seeing Black men emasculated via wearing women’s clothes. Your money and philosophy on life should not be politic driven.

  3. Ninah Moore on said:

    His FULL statement was “If you Make a Certain Amount of Money you should be a republican because they keep your taxes low however if you have a conscious and care for others you should vote democrat” He never said he was voting Republican!!!

  4. The Truth on said:

    There are two type of people in this world when it come to wrong. The person who makes mistakes then admit the take responsibility, learn and grow. They understand the consequences and don’t want to experience that again. They strive for better ways, knowledge, and a better stragies. There is the person who want admit their mistakes, blames others, and never learn what I did was wrong so you live life on denial You become destructive and Unbalanced.

  5. Ron Slater on said:

    Tyler, stick to making crossdresser movies. Hillary and Trump both lie, HRC is a politician and politicians lie (that includes Obama AND Bernie) It’s the nature of the job. What’s Mein Trumpf’s excuse? HRC is more than qualified to fly the plane, but Mein Trumpf is the flight attendant who couldn’t even show you where the exits are!!!

    • Ron, I see and hear trump lying, and it’s scary. All I hear about Hillary is she a liar, she lied about what? Can Post two lies and prove it.!! I hear that she deleted 32 thousands emails. Guess what, in 6 months I deleted 8 thousand emails. Some from advertisers, some from family, some from friends, some from Africa, some from ppl trying to scam me, some from Macy’s , some from Bank of America some from Chase some from politicians. Some from Wendy Williams, some from black America , some from boy friends………and if anyone wanted see the emails she deleted they are out there forever.!!!!!! Was DHE selling secret documents, was she getting $$$$$, what, what lies.!!!

  6. If you make a certain amount of money you should be a Republican? Is Warren Buffett a Republican? Nancy Pelosi (D) is one of the richest Representatives in congress
    Was this Tyler having a Stacy Dash moment? And Tyler what you TJMS and Mr. Obama fail to comprehend is Hi-liar-ry is qualified to “fly the plane” the people are just afraid she’ll sell it before it takes off

    • Oh give it a rest with the Hilary is a liar bit. I got news for you jhuf, EVEYONE LIE about something including YOU (and if anyone say they do not, that is Lie); however, I will deal with Hilary and feel people can work with her compare to Trump who think he knows it all and he can heal everything. WRONG (as he like to say). NO MAN CAN DO IT ALL.

      • Very nice Amber!!! It’s not about the skeletons in the closet. It’s that one is prepared and can do the job, and one is not. You can’t get more simple than that.

      • Very well stated Amber. Hillary has her flaws but when it come to being the most qualified for the job of President she is just that hands down.

      • M./ White on said:

        Amen to that! I’m sick of all these people acting as if their mouth is a prayer book. No one is above some misrepresentation sometimes no matter how small. Do you always tell your friend when they “look bad”? Or do you just try to help them look better. Hillary will help us all be better than that sleezy, inarticulate, unscrupulous, and unqualified Trump fellow.

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