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The drama continues to follow gospel singer Israel Houghton and his relationship with fiance Adrienne Bailon.

Over the weekend rumors swirled that Houghton allegedly fathered two love children (he has four from his marriage) and now the Texas State Attorney General issuing the gospel singer for back and current child support.

Houghton has admitted to being the father of one of the two rumored children Kingston, but the courts are still waiting to determine whether he’s the father of the youngest.

The Attorney General is reportedly asking Houghton to provide tax returns, checking and savings account statements, 401k information, proof of health insurance, and income history in order to determine child support payments.

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20 thoughts on “Israel Houghton Reportedly Had Two Kids Outside His Marriage

  1. Mark B Hanna on said:

    But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. I Timothy 5:8

  2. Margie Armijo on said:

    OK people even Moses whom was called to be a messenger for God, ‘sinned’ by becoming angry and throwing down the 1st tablets when he seen the people partying. Serving God does not make anyone exempt from falling from grace. It happens and will continue until he takes us home. We should not judge others because remember people, we shall be judged by the same measure.

  3. chanda on said:

    We are all sinners. I don’t get why so many are outraged about this. Israel is a flawed man just like the rest of us. Stop putting people on a pedestal & only worship the Lord. Do you study your Bible? Look at the people that God used. He used murderers! While we all should strive to live a life pleasing to God, the devil is always looking for a foothold to get us to fall into sin. BTW, it’s difficult to minister to the lost when you act like you are exempt from sinning. Regardless, God still loves us when we sin & welcomes us with open arms when we repent & strive to overcome our weaknesses.

  4. African American Woman on said:

    Just Saying…if I belonged to a church where this kind of mess was going on-I’d leave! You cannot answer God’s call to lead or be a messenger of His word and live a life in sin on the flip side. Cheating on one’s spouse is a choice, having sex without birth control is a choice…I would have more respect for people in the Ministry who would come out and confess their wrongdoings instead of coming up with weak apologies after they get caught. A leader leads by example…

    • lightnlovely on said:

      You would leave church? The church should be in YOU! Not the building nor the people. Obviously the church DOES NOT CONDONE his actions thus suspending him from his duties. You need to think long and hard about what basis of your faith is and means to you. We are NOT to judge. SO I guess you HAVE NEVER SINNED?! Would you want everyone and everything to turn their back on you for the sins you have committed. No matter how big or small SIN IS SIN>

      Have a blessed day!

    • Renee on said:

      Yes you can many people in the bible were flawed and served mightly. Everyone has flaws some are just more in the spotlight than others, talk to your friends,family or children they will tell you yours

  5. Sharon on said:

    You know at the end of the day…saved or not…we’ll always continue to fight our sins til God calls us home. He’ll never be perfect and neither will any of us. All we can do is strive to be better each and every day that we wake up. I’m not surprised by this story. I just hope that Adrienne makes the right decision with her life. AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t put your business on any social media outlet…this is between you and yours!! Now lets pray about that!!!

    • “Please, please don’t put your business on any social media outlet”. Number one Sharon, that ship done sailed. Number two, if she didn’t, who would know who the hell they are? I still don’t. (Not a reality show fan) And number three, and this is the biggie. Who in the fake, scripted, unreality hell, (pun intended) would pay them to keep their business private?

  6. African American Woman on said:

    I got what you are saying, however, when you step out into the spotlight and proclaim your passion for Jesus Christ and His teachings, you must hold yourself to a higher standard. I can’t become a lawyer and then rob a bank, get caught and then get angry when people refuse to hire me. Can I say well, I’m human? Hell, no! I would have to hold myself to a higher standard. Also, I have more respect for people who do wrong and admit it rather than finding out through the media…if you plan to use your position of leadership, fame and or fortune to live any way you want, leave God out of it and live your life the way you want.

    • I totally agree!!!!! If you are claiming that God spoke to you and told you to lead His people you ARE held to a higher standard! This is not something that God gives everyone! You ARE special and should act accordingly!

      • No they’re not special. Just regular old humans who capitalized on the weak and vulnerable. You could go to divinity school, learn the word and do the exact same thing. If you want to witness bat shit crazy up close and personal, go to church.

    • Just Sayin on said:

      Jesus! Who hurt you all? What pastor let you down? Have fun in your perfect church of three. It must get pretty mentally exhausting passing judgment and condemnation all the live long day. Hope y’all never mess up because the minute you do someone (on a much smaller scale) will be condemning you the same way. If you honestly believe given the same platform you would be able to resist all temptation, then more power to you.

  7. Also An African American Woman on said:

    Look, I am just as disappointed as everybody else is to hear this about Israel Houghton, as well. But liking his music does not equate to worshipping him. His flaws does not make the music he makes any less powerful. If anything, I am glad this has happened because now I know he is real (no pun intended). And if the qualification to preach and sing the Gospel is perfection, then the church is OVER! King David committed adultery and then abused is authority to have his mistresses’ husband killed and yet he was called a “friend of God.” (Pun intended)

  8. African American Woman on said:

    Ridiculous how people who come to the forefront (whether it be ministry, gospel music, etc…) talk about living and following God while making money off promoting their music and gospel and still doing the same crap out here that the “sinners” do. We all need to stop worshipping these false lovers of God and give all the glory to God. He won’t take our money and abuse our trust, but he will love us unconditionally, guide us, pick us up when we’re down and be a forever friend-for free! All He asks is that we follow Him.

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