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A teacher’s note exposed by a black Illinois mother has gone viral after the educator complained in a letter that the student’s hair “stinks.”

Tionna Norris received a letter from her 3-year old daughter Amia’s teacher on Monday saying that the children were complaining that Amia’s hair stinks and advised the mom to use less coconut oil to avoid bullying. However, it was actually the teacher who objected to the smell of the oil.

Norris took to Facebook earlier this week to share her story by posting a photo of the letter from her daughter’s teacher at the Raggedy Anne Learning Center in Elmhurst, Illinois. The letter read, “If you have to apply this daily – please do so lightly, so the kid’s don’t tease her.”

Norris perfectly captioned the pic, “Y’all gone feel that black girl magic,’ she wrote. ‘Sincerely, unapologetically black mom. P.s. Coconut oil has no stinky smell.”  It was later found out that there was no bullying involved at all. The school’s director told her that “no child ever bullied Amia, she’s quite popular, and the word ‘stink’ was used in quotes because the teacher knew it didn’t have a foul odor.”

Tionna Norris says that “It was just something the teacher was not used to and thought it was heavy (she has a sensitive nose so she says). They have fully taken responsibility and understand why it’s so offensive. Do I still believe the teacher didn’t have ill intentions? Not for a second because the way she tried to talk to me about how she thought my daughter smelled (which she is the only person who felt that way) was absolutely and totally unacceptable.”

She also revealed that she decided to withdraw 3-year old Amia out of Raggedy Anne Learning Center.

Source: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook

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