Remember our story on Dr. Dre’s threat to sue Sony and Lifetime if they proceed with their biopic/flick on Michel’le called “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le” because he says the storyline about him beating the singer is a lie?

Well, the little lady herself, Michel’le, is saying the good doctor might as well put his lawyer on speed dial cause there will no changes made to the film which is still scheduled to air this Saturday.

“Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le” depicts the singer’s past relationship with Dre — they have a 25-year-old son together — and includes her allegations of domestic violence. Michel’le appeared on “TMZ Live” Wednesday and basically told her ex to bring it on in court.

She says Dre’s demand to cease and desist is an empty threat because the beatings actually happened. In other words, she has the truth on her side.

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(Photo Source: TMZ Screenshot)

17 thoughts on “Michel’le Says Dr. Dre’s Legal Threat Won’t Stop Biopic From Airing

  1. Speak Your Truth on said:

    This movie had me on the verge of tears. No “Lifetime” movie has ever affected me so much. I’m glad Michel’le told her story.

  2. Dar Swerington on said:

    If Dr. Dre has changed his battering ways and gross disrespect of women since then, he should quickly disavow the behavior publicly and use his platform for thousands of men who struggle with this issue. Perhaps doing this is one of the reasons God gave it to him the talent. Step up Dr. Dre! Stop hiding behind lawyers. You still clearly talented and blessed but you have a dark side that has hopefully been put to an end,

  3. Mary H Bell on said:

    She was relevant. Dre produced her first album long before Snoop! There was talk way back then of him abusing her.
    He may have changed but…

  4. Sylvia D on said:

    Tell your story.!!! I’m sick of these abbusive a** men especially with money abussing and continues to shine While the women are left battered and broken spiritually. I’m with you lady ! Take control. of your life !!!! Much love and support !!!!!

  5. Cynthia on said:

    All movies can’t include EVERY single detail. The Temptations movie was over a span of a few days on television and everything was not included.

  6. Michel’le is not the only woman from around that time to accuse Dre of beating her…I BELIEVE HER !!! people witnessed it! but of course nothing was done, there was/IS a lot of ignorance around abuse/domestic violence back then/NOW!! she is a broken woman & it was caused by the abusive men in her life.. she was young and I truly understand where is she is coming from… Black women are taught to cry-in-silent about their pain and encourage to remain strong NEVER ALLOWED TO JUST BE A BLACK WOMAN!! this comes from our history of slavery…. very reminiscent today as well. YOU are wrong for discrediting her truth, AMERIKKKA did not/does not care enough about black people in general- & black women are at the bottom of that totem pole!!! Sad but true!!! I STAND WITH MICHEL’LE AND EVERY BLACK WOMAN WHO HAVE/HAS SUFFERED ANY TYPE OF ABUSE!!! DRE knows he did it and I will be watching!!!

    • AMERIKKKA doesn’t care about black people because black people don’t care about black people. I don’t know either one of these people, but I assume the accused abuser is black also? He sure as hell don’t care.

  7. Barbara Dates on said:

    It’s her life story Drew and had you not beat the hell out of her you wouldn’t be worried and trying to make threats towards her now. I guess the fucking truth hurts doesn’t it Dre. You apology doesn’t work for all the beatings. 😆😎

  8. Ok I don’t condone violence and respect a man beating on a woman, but this woman is clearly broke and looking for a quick come up. She’s mad that she wasn’t in the movie straight outta compton, first of all the movie wasn’t about her it was about how everything started with N.W.A. Which includes Dr dre, Ice cube, Easy-E, Mc Ren, Dj Yella, Jerry Hellar, Suge knight, snoop dogg, DOC..like really she looking for fire and her ass going to get burned. Come on now people if this is really true shouldn’t police reports surfaced by now, pictures of her showing proof that she was beating, smh this women is about to start some serious shit that she can’t handle, she’s actually trying to destroy this man livelihood and that’s not right like I said the bitch is broke and she just looking for a quick come up and that’s sad. She gone get what she got coming to her messy ass.

    • thereal on said:

      You are sick. He has already apologize for how he treated women. Don’t you think if he was beating her he would have beat her for going to the police. He has his money “beats” by Dre.

      • No you the sick one and really don’t know WTF was going on..she’s doing all this because she wasn’t in straight outta Compton like how sick can you be for trying to destroy someone’s life when that really didn’t happen like I mentioned before he should’ve been in jail several times if that was case she also said suge knight was beating on her as well now he’s a big man I’m pretty sure if he hit her it would have been charged filled against him and dre you can’t believe everything you see and hear..a lot of women these days will say and do anything to destroy these man celebrities it happens all the time and later on down the line the world finds out they be lying which is sick and ridiculous he did state in a interview that he apologize for how he use to verbally abuse her and how he use to treat her just by him saying that don’t give no one the right to assume shit..there are a lot of innocent men in jail because of bitches like her and that’s really fucked up..this is all because she wasn’t in the movie which the movie didn’t have nothing to do with her..she was discovered a couple years after Ruthless records was established so people need to know the facts and stop assuming shit al the time..smh

    • imjustsaying on said:

      So what if she is mad, it’s about time she got mad,it’s her story and she has every right to tell it. He told his story, now he should be a man about it and let her tell hers. She needs to heal, and I pray this is the therapy that she needs. They made money and if his fans support him after he beat Dee Brown down, I’m sure they will still support him. It’s their past, just as he can pick and chose which part of his life he’s going to tell so can she. She is a part of his past and something broke her and maybe had he chose to admit his part in the breaking down of a sister things may have gone differently. He should have apologized to her publicly, his fans and I am one of them know that Michele was a part of his life and we want to know her story too!

    • David E Houston II on said:

      Did you really have to call a woman you don’t know a “bitch”?
      I don’t know her financial situation but Michel’le’s career has been on an upswing for years. This is only a thing now because it came up during a reunion for her reality show.
      Dre’s history of violence against women has been well known and documented so it’s not a stretch he beat her during their relationship.

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