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Rapper and reality TV stars Fabolous and Emily B. have called it quits after 10+ years together. Emily B., who recently appeared in VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop,” shares two sons with Fab, Johan and Jonas Jackson.

Maybe Emily found the receipts that confirm the old rumors about Fabolous having a baby mama in Atlanta?

She recently shared these two photos on Instagram, sparking rumors the two were no longer together.


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(Photo Source: Fabolous Instagram)

2 thoughts on “After 10 Years & Two Kids, Emily B and Fabolous Reportedly Split

  1. At first I thought Rob & Chyna was serious in their relationship. But, after watching their TV series….this is an accident waiting to happen, to make matters worst they brought a baby into their train wreck. Yes, it is true Rob has some self esteem problems that he needs to work on..but, Chyna is just CRAZY. She has a lot of maturing to do. They need to cut their loses now and just try and be the best co-parents they can be. This relationship is heading for disaster….sorry Rob.

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