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A Georgia sheriff has found himself in hot water over his insensitive and racist statements on social media.

McIntosh County Sheriff’s Deputy Brant Gaither and another local officer were caught swapping racist and misogynistic jokes on Facebook, and allegedly making plans to pull over Black drivers. Internal affairs did an investigation into Deputy Gaither’s online conversations with former deputy, Jeremy Owens, ending with Gaither’s termination and Owens quitting his post, the Daily Mail reports.

Records from the internal investigation show that Gaither and Owens, who are both White men and Facebook friends, exchanged racially charged jokes on Facebook’s instant messaging service, which included the use of the term ‘colored people’ and the ‘N-word.’ In one conversation, the pair discussed an apparent plan to stop Black motorists while patrolling the highway.

Owens reportedly said, “It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Might not get too many n***s,” to which Gaither replied, “I hope we get a few but [expletive] if we don’t.” In another exchange, Gaither sent his friend a meme featuring Martin Luther King Jr. and a caption that read, “I have a dream. That one day my people will not act like animals.” Owens reportedly responded, “Lol. That’ll never happen.”

Gaither’s messages were discovered by a colleague who was using his computer, and was let go in back in July. When he learned of his termination, the Sheriff reportedly acknowledged that he made a ‘stupid mistake,’ saying, “It was just a joke, we all do it.”

Deputy Owens was also let go for violating the department’s policies concerning immoral conduct and behavior unbecoming a deputy.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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11 thoughts on “Georgia Sheriff Used The N-Word, Mocked Dr. King And Hunted Black Motorists

  1. Well I guess it’s back to the welfare rolls for these 2 clowns. It’s a shame that us hard working people had to pay their salaries. Now they are just going to continue to be “free loading off the back of us taxpayers. Plus, now they will probably qualify for food stamps and Medicaid. It’s a damn shame!!!

  2. You need to also look at the type of racist that would elect the sheriff and anyone like him .They are some ignorant backwoods coons ( anybody can be a coon )

  3. Well he was honest in saying we all do it (meaning who, police, congressmen, doctors, lawyer, school teachers, Joe next door) We are surrounded by people who believe we are not human and less then them. so they can say and treat people of color any way.

  4. And Mike Pence who is Trumps side kick adamantly said last week “There is no inherent racism in the police department in the USA”
    And this is why all black people need to vote.

  5. ElysaM on said:

    How pathetic. A prime example of how race, occupation, education etc..has no bearing on the level of one’s stupidity & ignorance.

  6. americanize on said:

    ru surprise,please typical white devils.We already know extremist groups has infiltrated law enforcement.An the government not doing anything about.

    • They aren’t doing anything about it because they’ve infiltrated the government too. Not even sure if “infiltrated” is the appropriate word since it would suggest they weren’t always there.

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