One of the quickest ways to find a criminal is to catch them red-handed on camera, but unfortunately for Kim Kardashian-West, surveillance footage of her robbery has come up dry.

The reality star was robbed at gunpoint earlier this week while still in Paris for Fashion Week, even causing husband Kanye to cancel his show in the middle of a performance. Sources say there was no surveillance video inside or outside the hotel premises.

According to reports, the only video available is police surveillance footage, but that camera doesn’t face the front of the building and the robbers evaded the lens. TMZ reports that police canvassed the area looking for video from nearby businesses, but came up dry.

The good news is that only one cell phone was stolen from Kim’s apartment, not two as reported. It did not have “compromising information” and was remotely wiped, says TMZ.

Kim Kardashian is back in New York safely with her husband and family members.


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