TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A not guilty plea has been entered on behalf of an Oklahoma police officer charged with first-degree manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

Tulsa officer Betty Shelby did not say anything at her first court appearance Friday, other than acknowledging her name. Her attorney, Shannon McMurray, entered the not guilty plea on her behalf.

Shelby is charged in the Sept. 16 death of Terence Crutcher, whose family sat in the first two rows of the courtroom Friday in Tulsa. Prosecutors allege Shelby acted unreasonably when she shot the 40-year-old Crutcher after she encountered his vehicle abandoned on the street.

Shelby, who is white, told investigators she feared for her life.

Shelby’s next court appearance is set for Nov. 29.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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10 thoughts on “Not Guilty Plea Entered In Tulsa Officer’s Manslaughter Case

  1. The female black hairstylist is becoming extinct. With so many black women wearing weave, they are related to doing nails only. Don’t understand the lust to go around wearing white peoples hair all day.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Hahaha boy you are dumber than a box of rocks. How did the below conversation turned to hairweaves? You are secretly or not so secretly obsessed with the beautiful black woman. You’re like the 5 year old who torments the little girl in class next to him because he likes her and not hate her. I got it now. You need to grow up scholar w/o a dollar.

  2. Larry is right. They should hire more barbers for police officers. Because these inadequately trained white police officers are not doing the job. And why oh why are they all so FEARFUL? No bravery whatsoever. But they are hired to protect and serve. Who the heck they think they are protecting the public from? Nice criminals? Their solution seems to be shoot to kill? Well it is no need for judges or juries

  3. Huggy-Lo was tweaked out on PCP, there was a vile recovered from his vehicle that was “about to explode” and toxicology reports will confirm. He was a clear and present danger to himself and everyone around him. Officer Shelby was justifiably fearful of him.
    -Holla’ at the Scholar

  4. Hello DL, My name is Kevin in Raymore, MO. I find it interesting that it takes a longer of time to obtain barber’s license or beautician’s license then it does or a police candidate to be licensed to carry a weapon and be legally allowed to kill you. Let’s put this into perspective per Google it takes approximately 19 to 21 weeks to become a police officer. There are five working days in a week a 40 hour week x 21 weeks is 840 hours. Google also States it takes an average of about 1500 hours to become a barber stylist are beautician that’s 660 hours more training to become a barber or beautician which is an average of four and a half more months of training. Police training is inadequate but yet they have the right to decide who’s life is more important at any given time and/or situation. This is actually mind blowing as most Black Barber are more professionally trained to engage the public than any police officer across the USA.

    • Then maybe these black barbers should become police officers and contribute to the solution instead of constantly complaining

      • Really. you are missing the point, We are talking about training time. Also not all barbers are black.

      • Kevin Chow on said:

        Yes Misty there are other nationalities who do hair but only Blck men are being killed by unprofessional poorly trained White police so they can have a good laugh around the wster cooler. Unbelievable!

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