How cute!

Christian Womble turned 2 years old this past Sunday and being the gracious little fella he is, shared the spotlight with his beautiful mom in the hopes of making it a truly memorable day, BuzzFeed reports.

Little did mom Sade Robinson know, Christian’s dad Joshua Womble was all set to pop the question during the birthday festivities – and the birthday boy was going to help him do it.

In what’s being called the “smoothest hand off of the year,” Christian opens a gift box, removes the tissue paper, thinks about it, and then effortlessly hands his dad – who’s now on one knee – the jewelry box inside. Sade was totally surprised.

You’ll be stunned at Christian’s ability to implement such a complex plan at 2 years old. Watch him be the cutest little boy in the world above.

SOURCE: Twitter, BuzzFeed


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