2015 BET Awards - Show

Janet Jackson is 50 years old. And she’s pregnant for the first time. If you can’t reconcile those two facts in your mind, here are some visuals to help you along. The pop icon, who is expecting her first child with husband Wissam Al-Mana, was spotted shopping for baby gear in London this week, allowing for a first-ever peek at her blossoming bump:

Two things: first, Janet looks like she’s handling her pregnancy just fine, so take that you haters who said she was too old to have a baby. And second, she literally looks half her age. Clearly, pregnancy suits her!

According to Entertainment Tonight, who secured the photos, “Jackson arrived at the store in a chauffeured black Mercedes along with her bodyguard, her assistant and two others from her entourage. Jackson was greeted by staff, who shut the doors for her visit and seated her at a table to seemingly go over some of their merchandise. According to the eyewitness, she also strolled the store and took an interest in one of the prams.” For those not used to the term, it’s what the British call a stroller. 

SOURCE: BallerAlert | PHOTO: TheShadeRoom

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8 thoughts on “Here’s Your First Look At Pregnant Janet Jackson

  1. Jazzdancer on said:

    Two alt-right dudes in a OK City bar: “So if the Arab Prince is the daddy, does that make the baby Muslim – like Obama.”

  2. Janet Jackson has a child. She has been seen on TV pregnant. So of u are to young to remember. But, just as she was made to give up her marriage at and early age so was she made to give up her child

  3. VTEANA NEAL on said:

    All of these people speculating on whether or not Janet was pregnant by that De Barge idiot needs to stop. If Janet had ever had a baby by anyone everyone would have known because she would never give a child of her blood away.

  4. Everyone ASSUMES Janet had a baby while married to DeBarge, no one knows for sure not even drugged up DeBarge. So until there’s public proof and not pics of her nieces neither, people should chill on the BS. The rumors started when she was on the “Fame” tv show and gain weight… and that’s the proof claiming she was pregnant. Really now!

  5. Why are people saying this is her oat pregnancy! Everyone knows she had a baby with short term husband DeBarge back in the 80’s!! Really!! I’m happy for her, but be honest! ! I can’t emagine how that girl must feel knowing her mother can’t or won’t acknowledge her!!

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