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90-year-old Opal Lee is walking to D.C to urge the US Congress to make Juneteenth a National Day of Observance, before President Obama leaves office.

“I started my walk September 1st. I started out thinking I need to see President Obama and ask him why. In all of the eight years he’s been in office he hasn’t mentioned the 19th of June. I figure if an old lady started walking he’d let me talk to him,” Lee said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview and find more information on how to support Opal’s cause here.

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9 thoughts on “90-Year-Old Opal Lee Is Walking From Texas To DC – Find Out Why

  1. Geneva Ali on said:

    I had the pleasure of flying from Dallas to St Louis a few nights ago. What a blessing to meet with and listen to Mother Opal! She had just finished the Tom Joyner Morning Show. We chatted about soul food, health and had many laughs-just a darling! May God continue to bless her with every step!

  2. God bless Ms. Opal. At 90 yrs. old she’s still fighting a good fight. I pray this generation learn from strength and will to keep fighting. I know I have. I support you Ms. Opal and you will continue be in my prayers.

  3. If she gets to Tennessee, I will personally take care of her along the way along with a lot of other caring people. She is brave and already has the makings of an amazing heroine. You go girl!

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