I’m not sure you were up that late, but I was up until the wee hours covering the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It was the second night in a row of the protests that turned violent.

Tuesday night 16 officers were injured.

Wednesday night 1 officer was injured and taken to a hospital.

And one protester sadly was seriously injured by gunfire, and as of this writing, is on life support.

Demonstrators had gathered in Charlotte to protest the shooting deaths by police of 43-year old Keith Lamont Smith in North Carolina and 40-year old Terence Crutcher in Tulsa.

Police say Smith was armed and Crutcher was not.

The presidential candidates are having to respond to them out on the campaign trail.

Hillary Clinton prefaced her comments a group of supporters in Orlando by saying she had spent a lot of time with young people who feel their lives are disposable.


Hillary Clinton on police shootings in Charlotte and Tulsa: “We’ve got to do better” TAGSHillary Clinton speech live in Orlando, FL | Hillary Clinton Hillary…

“We’ve got to do better and I know we can.  And if I’m elected president we will. And we will do it exactly together which is the only way it can be done.  Look I know I don’ t have all the answers.  I don’t know anyone who does.  But this is certain.  Too many people have lost their lives who shouldn’t have.”

At a town hall on Fox News dedicated to the issues facing black people Donald Trump says he’d start by bringing back one particular police practice.

“”Well, one of the things I’d do, Ricardo, is I would do stop-and-frisk. I think you have to. We did it in New York, it worked incredibly well and you have to be proactive and, you know, you really help people sort of change their mind automatically, you understand?  You have to have, in my opinion you see what’s going on here you see what’s going on in Chicago you have to bring back stop and frisk. In New York City it was so incredible the way it worked.”

It so not well that in 2013 a federal judge declared stop and frisk in New York City unconstitutional and outlawed it.

As reported by CNN, that same year the New York attorney general revealed just 3% of stop-and-frisk stops led to convictions between 2009 and 2012.

And in more than 5 million stops between 2002 and 2013, police recovered guns less than 0.02% of the time, according to police department data compiled by the New York Civil Liberties Union in a 2014 report.

These are the types of issues that will come up at Monday’s debate, the first one for the presidential candidates.

Americans will be watching in real time as candidates weigh in on this police issue among others.

On this particular issue, do you want someone willing to listen before crafting a policy or someone who already knows what he or she think is best, even if it’s racial profiling and unconstitutional.

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2 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump Wants To Bring Back Stop And Frisk

  1. williaml on said:

    I don’t mind stop and frisk.
    I have a license to carry and if I decide to pack heat,
    I don’t have anything to worry about.
    All of my guns are registered in my name
    and if I shoot someone, I am not running anywhere.

  2. Donald trump will want to bring back anything that negatively effects blacks and minorities . That’s why he will probably win the White House.there are many that think he will make things hard for some and all good for whites and rich people. There are people that feel they are in control of the outcome. Donald trump will probably get us all blew up. Fearing and trying to hurt blacks and poor people probably won’t work out they way some think.

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