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kevmojiWithin five hours of its release Tuesday, Kevin Hart’s new emoji app for Apple iOS devices – “Kevmoji” – jumped to the number one spot on the App Store’s paid-apps chart.

At $1.99, Kevmoji is one of the first celebrity emoji apps to feature a real face and real video-based GIFs, reports Variety. It also offers stickers, sound bites and a QWERTY keyboard.

The app is integrated with Apple’s new iMessage app for iOS 10, and for 99 cents more, users with iOS 10 can unlock additional animated Kevin Hart heads to send out. It’s due to become available for Android devices soon, as well.

Hart has been promoting Kevmoji on social media, where he has nearly 100 million followers across various platforms. Also, Apple currently has “Kevmoji” promoted in the App Store’s “new apps we love” section.

“When we decided to make Kevmoji, all I knew is that we had to do something no one else was doing,” Hart said in a statement. “So here we are, literally changing the face of iMessage by creating a real experience through emojis and stickers, rather than in animation.”

In Apple’s App Store, Kevmoji is rated for users 17 and older, because of “infrequent/mild sexual content and nudity,” mature themes, frequent profanity or crude humor, and mild alcohol, tobaccor or drug references.

Hart’s HartBeat Digital developed the Kevmoji app in partnership with Snaps, a New York-based provider of brand-marketing mobile messaging solutions whose clients also include Burger King, Viacom, Pepsi, L’Oréal USA and Unilever.

PHOTO: Apple Screen Shot

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