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The health issue that Hillary Clinton suffered over the weekend is bringing light to a very real discussion we need to have about our presidential candidates – How much do the American people need to know about the candidates and how much do they need to share and how transparent should the candidates be about their medical records, health and other things like tax returns?

Last night, however, Hillary Clinton called him from home where she is said to be resting, to speak to my CNN colleague Anderson Cooper.

“I’m feeling so much better and obviously I should have gotten some rest sooner. I probably would have been better off if I had just pulled down my schedule on Friday.  But like a lot of people I just thought I could keep going forward and power through it and obviously that didn’t work out so well.”

No it did not.

We’ve all seen the disturbing video of Clinton stumbling into a van as her staff and secret service agents struggle to hold her up and get her inside.

Clinton’s staff didn’t communicate what was wrong with her for about 90 minutes.

They released a statement stating she got overheated and dehydrated.

Then a few hours later she emerged from her daughter Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment in what appeared to be a photo op.


Reporter – “How are you feeling Secretary Clinton?”

Clinton – “I’m doing great.”

Reporter “What happened?”

Clinton – “It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

Hours later Clinton would release a statement stating she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, given antibiotics and told to rest for 5 days.

It was obviously advice that she did not follow and by doing so fed into the conspiracy theories about; that she is hiding some major underlying health issue and that she is not honest with the American people.

In the meantime Donald Trump, his staffers and surrogates are taking the high road.

“I hope she gets well soon.  I don’t know what’s going on.  Like you I see what I see. The coughing fit was a week ago so I assume that was pneumonia also. I would think it would have been. Something’s going on. But I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail and we’ll be seeing her in the debate.”

Trump says he had a physical this week and will release the results when the numbers come in.

Secretary Clinton told Anderson that she will release more medical records soon.

Now is the time for all of the candidates to be more transparent about everything, including their health and their taxes.

The American people are in the process now of making a really important decision.

We need to know what we’re getting.

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