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Model/actress Kate Upton had social media in an uproar after she slammed NFL players for protesting the National Anthem, calling it “disgraceful.”

Referring to the Miami Dolphins players who kneeled down during the anthem at Sunday night’s game, Upton posted a response on Instagram: “Sitting or kneeling down during the national anthem is a disgrace….I could never imagine multiple people sitting down during the national anthem on the Sept. 11th anniversary.”

But supermodel Jessica White was not here for Kate’s rant. She also took to IG to address the situation: “I love you babe you know I do. But the freedom you speak of isn’t the same freedom that some of my people receive. Next time a young black male is shot down and his murder isn’t vindicated I hope you speak out loud about how his “freedom” was taken away from him/her.”

The Miami Dolphins’ decision not to stand during the National Anthem was the latest in a series of protests. The demonstrations began with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who says he will not stand for a country that systemically oppresses people of color.

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8 thoughts on “Model Wars: Jessica White Responds To Model Kate Upton On The National Anthem Protest

  1. KATE become black for one week, down play your attire, and try get into an upscale Manhattan building and see what happens, until then white ppl that have not been harassed because of skin tone, or lost love one from police violating my sons or daughters rights to; drive, walk, be at pool party, dreads or move into the ghetto, driving on suspended license because the bill can’t afford, but trying work too, receive food stamps, Hud, low paying job, sit on the block. I respect the anthem but the anthem don’t care nothing about Blacks and the slavery..until you can get out of your comfort zone, shut the heck up..

  2. biggirl57 on said:

    let me tell you what is disrespectful to have a man running for the highest office in this country, get on national TV and praise a Russian Dictator -Putin, and no white person call him out. I have no more respect for white people, they seem to think this is ok for whites to say or treat people any why that suites them. Now you have a black man kneeling because of a damn song, sing the 3rd stance which sings about killing the hireling and the slave, sing that part of the song, and see how many will continue to stand. I thought Pence was the clear thinker of this Republican clan, but he agreed with The Trump, which also makes him unfit to serve. How do you white people praise our enemy (some in congress praised Putin too) oh yes it citizens of color in American that’s your enemy! Check yourselves first when it comes to giving respect.

  3. ButterPecan on said:

    Thanks Jessica! People trying to deflect are the real problem. The same ones that booed The POTUS while he was delivering his speech on 9/11. Now that’s disrespectful! After all, he sent the SEALS in to track and exterminate bin laden after Bush gave speeches and shook hands with mourners. He was busy going after hussein because he tried to kill his daddy! Before I get backlash for misspelled names and capitalization, I don’t respect terrorist so I don’t care!

  4. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Jessica White; I applaud you! Everyone everywhere whereever you are whatever you’re doing stand and give this brave sistah a round of applause!

  5. They should stop playing the National Anthem at these games as it has nothing to do with the sport and black Americans has the rights to excercise their constitutionals rights in the matter just like the kkk or whatever they call themselves today. You should learn to respect that.

  6. southerone on said:

    Kate I was going to give you a pass but you need to STHU try being Black in this racist world and while you are at it Go on a diet…………… Blessings…………..

  7. ok kate here is ur chance, a black man was shot and killed in florida by 3 policemen….speak up!!!
    what about his freedom to enjoy a meal…..just what i thought…u can step down now…..this is what silent protests r about.

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