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For all intent and purposes you can move Toya Wright and Mickey “Memphitz” Wright into “formerly married” category.


That’s because they’ve reached a settlement in their divorce proceedings which means all the outstanding issues regarding assets and property are well, no longer issues they can’t agree on, according to theJasmineBrand.

The site also says Toya Wright is insisting that the judge grant the divorce quickly, which would officially end the their 5-year marriage.

Meanwhile, terms of the agreement, signed by both parties, states neither husband or wife shall seek or receive alimony from the other now or in the future. Further, neither owns any real property to be divided.

Each will retain their own retirement investments and accounts. They both say all joint bank accounts have already been closed and they share no debt together. Each will be responsible for their own debt.

In regards to their automobiles and furniture and other personal property, each will keep the property in their possessions and Toya is waiving all rights to furniture and belongings in Mickey’s home currently.

Toya agreed to pay $8k to her soon-to-be ex-husband and Mickey will waive all rights to proceeds earned by her from the sale of her book, “How to Lose a Husband” and proceeds from Before Bed Headz, a company she owns.

Also, in the agreement, all issues over their property and assets have been settled. Again, she is looking to fast-track the proceedings so the marriage will be history.

Toya Wright was previously married to Lil Wayne for two years before divorcing in 2006. They share a daughter named Reginae Carter.

Toya released her book entitled, “How to Lose a Husband” earlier this year.

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