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Last time we talked about reports that Donald Trump’s campaign would encourage him to make a serious play for African Americans.

Well that play is underway now.

It started with a speech on Tuesday night in Wisconsin, the site of recent unrest after the shooting death of an armed black man by police.

Trump told the audience that police were not the problem.

“The problem in our poorest communities is not that there are too many police, the problem is that there are not enough police.”

He went on to blame President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for peddling a false narrative where police in America are no longer safe.

“Those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society – a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent – share directly in the responsibility for the unrest in Milwaukee, and many other places within our country. They have fostered the dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America.”

Trump talked about the gun violence in Chicago, referring to it as Obama’s hometown.

And while he did mention community policing, he never mentioned reforming police departments or repairing the relationships between police and come members of the African American community.

He also blamed the problems many black folks face on Hillary Clinton and Democratic policies.

He even called Hillary Clinton a bigot.

“We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes, not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. She doesn’t care at all about the hurting people of this country, or the suffering she has caused them.”

Donald Trump delivered this seemingly African American chastising message an all white audience 40 miles away from the unrest.

Critics said he made it appear as if only black people committed crime or were poor in America – a clumsy effort where he spoke at instead of to a group of people he needs to win the election.

If he keeps up that kind of outreach the one percent of the black vote he already has may be a bit high.

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Speech To Black America Delivered To All White Audience

  1. Effie Graves on said:

    Donald Trump has shown what he really think about black and brown American he has again put us at the back of the bus with his insincere out reach. Ironic, TRUE COLORS.

  2. Mia. P on said:

    Yes it is but we better put her in over that racist fool only reason he is saying that about Black American or anybody else of color is because he know he cannot and will not win without us. Remember he is the same man that would not rent to Black American’s and try to have the Central Park guy keep in jail for something they did not do. Bernie was my guy but since he did not win I will go with Hillary 2016 President.

  3. somepeoplehavenerve on said:

    True, But Hillary will appoint the next supreme court judge , which Is better than putting this is the hand of Satan.

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