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UsherHandsOfStoneJust in case you didn’t know, eight-time Grammy winner Usher Raymond is headed for the big screen,  playing boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard in the film Hands of Stone.

The singer/actor sat down with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh, along with his co-star Edgar Ramirez, to talk about the new movie… and dancing with First Lady Michelle Obama!

Usher, who has also been vocal about his presidential preferences by recently sporting a “Don’t Trump America” shirt during his “No Limit” BET performance, dished on celebrating President Obama’s 55th birthday with him. He said, “Stevie Wonder, he performed a medley of songs and I came up impromptu and sang ‘Happy Birthday’… It was a really amazing final birthday for President Obama at the White House and we had an incredible time.“

At the birthday bash, the singer/dancer also had the chance to show off his killer dance moves. He said:

“We danced all night… Me and Michelle always have a good time on the dance floor, but Barack, he actually battles you, right? It’s like a toe-to-toe thing. There’s no footage, though — they took everybody’s phone at the door!”

As far as Hands of Stone is concerned, footage of Usher shows a shocking resemblance to Sugar Ray Leonard. The 37-year-old pointed out, “I grew my hair out… I did it all.”

Usher, who has boxed for fun before getting in Sugar Ray shape, admitted it was a long process with “about a year’s preparation.”

Usher worked with some of the biggest boxing pros, adding, “I would tell ‘em, ‘Don’t take it easy on me, let’s go…’ So I got rocked a few times.”

Ramirez, who plays Sugar Ray’s nemesis, Roberto Duran never boxed before he took on the role.

“No, nothing — that was my first time ever.” Usher complimented his skills, raving, “He kicked a**. He did.”

See how Usher and Edgar fare in the ring when Hands of Stone hits theaters August 26, and check out what happens when we bring in professional light heavyweight boxer Mike Lee to test the duo’s boxing knowledge in a “Rapid-Fire Quiz.”

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