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Hillary Clinton is scheduled to speak to a coalition of Black and Hispanic journalists on Friday in her continued efforts to court voters of color and secure the White House in November.

The Democratic nominee for president is on track to become the first female president but she needs broad and solid support from African-American, Hispanic and Asian voters to beat Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president.

“I pledge a new and comprehensive commitment to equity and opportunity for communities of color,” Clinton said in a statement.

“That means reforming our criminal justice system and rebuilding the bonds of trust between our communities and our law enforcement officials,” she said. “But it also means making major new investments to create jobs, to make it easier to start and grow a small business, to end redlining in housing, and to build reliable public transit systems.”

Clinton has stuck the right tone on the campaign trail, saying she supports criminal justice reform, which resonates with many African-Americans tired of police abuse.

Her calls for overhauling the criminal justice system, raising the minimum wage and speaking out about racial profiling earned an endorsement from members of the Congressional Black Caucus in February and numerous civil rights organizations, labor groups and prominent educators.

High-profile black women in Hollywood have also rallied around Clinton’s candidacy. Showrunner Shonda Rhimes and actresses Kerry Washington and Viola Davis are featured in an ad, “Real Life,” that says Clinton is a “bonafide, roll-up your sleeves woman who fights for what’s right, in it for you, won’t back down, champion for all of us.”

In contrast, as Clinton locks up the Black vote, several polls show Trump has support from about one percent of black voters. Aside from former reality television star Omarosa Manigault, there are few black Americans who have publicly rallied around Trump.

“Black folks are not dumb. They come out for individuals that have their best interest at heart,” New York Rep. Gregory Meeks, chair of the CBC political action committee, told CNN.

And Clinton isn’t taking the Black vote for granted. She is traveling the country, speaking to Black Americans from coast to coast. While she speaks to Black organizations like the NAACP and The National Association of Black Journalists, Trump’s crowds have been overwhelmingly white and often hostile to Blacks in attendance.

“Many African-Americans fear the police. I can hear you. Some of you in this room,” Clinton said at the NAACP annual conference in July. “And today, there are people all across America sick over what happened in Baton Rouge and in Dallas but also fearful that the murders of police officers means that vital questions about police-community relations will go unanswered.”

On Friday, Clinton will make her case to journalists of color, who watch polls closely. In a new CNN/ORC Poll, Clinton leads Trump 52% to 43%. Polls will undoubtedly shift between now and November, but Clinton’s support among Black voters will remain steadfast.

For African-American voters, there is no other choice.

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18 thoughts on “For Black Voters, Hillary Clinton Is The Only Choice

  1. jdholmes90 on said:

    The concern with Clinton is that she is likely to take the black vote for granted like other Democrats. She must be held accountable and pushed when she is in office because if she follows the record of her husband, that will mean devastation for the black community. Check out my blog about this

  2. “for me and my house we shall serve the lord” I do have a choice, this is my first choice, spirit teaching has taught against embracing/promoting that that is corrupt, the Clinton campaign sabotaged Sanders campaign, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and 3 other DNC workers resigned because of it. it will be a disgrace to my family this nation and a dishonor o God.

  3. Matti on said:

    Hillary Clinton would not be in prison if she were black. She isn’t in prison because they just crucified her constantly for 35 years always trying to find shit on her. The reason she isn’t in jail is because it was all bullshit. I am voting for Clinton because I believe in her that is the only reason. If you want her to stand a chance than you have to vote for Democrats in Congress and the Senate. Vote Democrat all the way. The reason why a lot of things don’t get passed is because the Republicans still have a lot of power. As far as Trump goes he is just a Narcissistic who lies about everything. He is insane.

  4. Jay Carol on said:

    Hillary nor her husband have ever been for the progress of black people. Bill was the one responsible for the three strikes law which increased the prison population for minor crimes to fill up the industrialized prison complex which is Corporate owned in the 90’s. The Clintons probably got money for passing it. Black folks need to do research on these criminals. However, even if you show black folks the truth in I have done this, they still wont believe. What is wrong with out people. A lot still have a slave mentality. Everyone should go see the movie, that’s out now “Hillary’s America and the Democratic Party.” It is an eye opener!

  5. sickofthenonsense on said:

    Unfortunately, the ignorant will always be among earth’s population. I read a post that says “to bad closed minds don’t come with closed mouths”. People get stuck on one thing and can’t see past the negative. They will forever be doomed, start looking forward and not backwards, the windshield is bigger for a reason, stop looking in the rear view mirror. Or do us all a favor and sthu.

  6. Barb, please do not let your current disenchantment keep you from the voting polls. Casting your vote is one of the most important things you can exercise as your civil ‘RIGHT’. Granted there may be candidates on both sides of the ballot that you’re not particular about. However, my motto is, “there’s the devil you know and the devil you don’t know. I’ll let you take it from there.



  8. americanize on said:

    That’s the BS I don,t like.Black folks have to vote for a candidate that they may not want to vote for.But its ur only choice,Im not doing that anymore.Until we start writing checks to candidates,who has black folk agenda,like gays,hispanics,an even undocumented workers.We will always get played.

  9. curtis smith on said:

    Barb, I think you need to do a little more research before dogging The President out, for the last 8 years he has come along way from the mess that was created by the Bush administration.

    • Tracey on said:

      Why are you guys trying to convince Barb to vote. Barb is an uninformed person. It seems like people expected more from this president than any other. Why? Because he is black. Too stupid. The president don’t run anything. It’s the House and Senate that controls. If black people go out and vote and not wait for the presidential election we might have won the house and senate. So please stop complaining. And you think the president was back, let Trump win. Bunch of fools.

  10. Overhaul the justice system, raise min wage, create jobs, end racial profiling, apparently she will achieve what the first black president could not? because I heard the same 8 years ago, black unemployment still high, entitlement spending at and all time high, nat’l debit gone from 7.5 trillion
    when Obama took office to 19.5 Clinton wants to ramp-up Obama’s importation of refuges granting them eligibility for Government benefits (that could be going to minority communitys)
    I’m looking at the list of celebrity endorsements and thinking how none of them or their children
    will be impacted by her policies

  11. Mrknowitall on said:

    Mrs Clinton represents so-called white privledge. If she were black, she would be in prison for any of the many crimes she has gotten away with so far.
    1: Cattle futures
    2: White Water
    3: Rose Law Firm
    4: Lost Then found subpoenaed records in the White House
    5: Erasing 30,000 e-mails
    6: Having three private servers
    7: Lying to the FBI

    Shanaynay Boneefa Clinton would be in prison.

  12. She’s a professional Politician, who is saying what BF want to hear as all politicians have done including Obama; which is why I have decided not to vote any more. Obama secured his future and his family. Decisions he made says it all. He gave rights to gays (even signed a letter immediately giving them rights. How many Black funerals did he attend? None! How many white funerals and visits did he attend and visit? All of them. I regret I voted for Obama

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