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Don Lemon: POTUS Goes After Trump On The World Stage

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If you blinked might have missed it.

Seriously, if you weren’t in front of a television or listening on line or the radio – which most of us weren’t – around quitting time on Wednesday, you probably missed President Obama going on a rant.

A rant is what he called it.

Though he never mentioned a name, there was no doubt who he was referring to when the President said this:

“Somebody else who has never shown any regard for workers has never fought on behalf of social justice. // they don’t suddenly become a populous because they say something controversial in order to win votes. That is not the measure of populism. That is nativism. Or xenophobia. Or worse, cynicism.”

To whom do you think he was referring?

For those of you who may not be sure, the President went on to say this:

“We have had times throughout our history where anti-immigration sentiment is exported by demagogues. It was directed at the Irish, at poles, Italians, and you can go back and read what was said about those groups. It is identical to what they’re now saying about Mexicans, or Guatemalans, el Salvadorians, or Muslims, or Asians. Same stuff. // but guess what? They kept coming. And they kept coming because America offered possibility for their children and their grandchildren.”

The President was no doubt referring to Donald Trump in both those statements.

The interesting part is that he made the comments on the world stage as he was meeting with his Canadian and Mexican counterparts.

But he has been anxious to get back out on the campaign trail, not for himself, but for Hillary Clinton.

And it showed as he addressed world leaders and took questions from the press on Wednesday in Canada.

He also appears to be just as anxious to hit Donald Trump for his rhetoric, and is taking every chance he can and whatever venue he can to criticize the presumptive Republican presidential nominee as a divider and not a unifier.

“Let’s just be clear, that somebody who labels us versus them, or engages in rhetoric about how we’re going to look after ourselves and take it to the other guy. That is not the definition of populism. Sorry, this is a prerogative when you’re at the end of your term, you go on occasional rants.”

It is his prerogative while he still has the bully pulpit.

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