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Oprah Winfrey is back acting on TV!

The billionaire, philanthropist, actress, producer, and OWN’s HWIC (Head Woman In Charge) is one of the stars in the network’s latest scripted series’ Greenleaf. 

The show which centers around the inner-workings of a Mega Church in Memphis, Tennessee run by a family of saints… and sinners. It stars Lamman Rucker, Keith David, Lynn Whitfield, Merle Dandridge, and Ms. Winfrey herself to name a few.

She explained to the Tom Joyner Morning Show why the church works perfectly for a TV series:

“The church is for people who are trying to have some kind of redemption for their sins. So it’s full of people who don’t do the right thing all the time but are trying to do the right thing. Obviously you can’t have a story line without some sort of betrayal, some kind of jealousy going on, backstabbing – And all of that works as long as you can have the core of the church still be stable.”

Greenleaf premieres at 8pm on OWN.

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