Everyone’s always telling us to eat more flaxseed. It’s a great source of fiber, experts say. It’s also one of the best dietary staples for your weight loss goals, experts say. But flaxseed isn’t the only fiber out there with outstanding health benefits.

Ever heard of psyllium?

Found in most Metamucil products, psyllium is another source of fiber that helps with constipation while also having heart and cholesterol benefits.

Here is a comparison of flaxseed and psyllium as two fibers:


The fiber found in flaxseed is soluble, which means it has the ability to absorb water. That’s why it’s good for preventing constipation and curing diarrhea. It’s been known to help manage blood sugar levels after meals – improving diabetic symptoms. One tablespoon of whole flaxseeds is about 3.0 grams of fiber.

As for omega-3 fats, flaxseeds are a good source. This is helpful for heart health. However, flaxseed is pretty high in calories. One tablespoon of whole flaxseeds contains about 50 calories.

Most people consume flaxseeds by adding ground flaxseeds to a smoothie, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal and salads.

Psyllium Fiber Is The New Flaxseed  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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