Rihanna is being sued over a 2013 concert in Nigeria that never took place, because according to the promoter, she took part of her payment up front and never showed up to perform.

According to TMZ, Chris Ubosi says his company, Megalectrics, struck a deal with two people who claimed to represent Rihanna, as well as her label Roc Nation and Jay Z. Rihanna would get $425,000 to play for 65 minutes.

The show was scheduled to take place May. Ubosi said he made three payments, totaling $160,000, but then her camp asked to postpone the show. Ubosi says he agreed, but only if Rihanna posted the rescheduled date on social media.

In the suit, he says that never happened so Megalectrics cancelled the show and demanded its money back. Since Ubosi didn’t get the cash, he’s suing Rihanna, Jay Z and Roc Nation to recoup his losses.

Sources close to Rihanna tell TMZ they believe Ubosi is the victim of a scam by the two people who claimed to rep the singer. The sources say Rihanna’s management knew nothing about the gig and the singer never collected any money.

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(Photo Source: Rihanna Instagram)