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Maya Rudolph brought her Oprah Winfrey impression from “Saturday Night Live” to her new NBC variety show “Maya & Marty,” which is basically “SNL” with only Maya and fellow alum Martin Short.

On Tuesday’s episode, Maya donned her curly Oprah wig to spoof Winfrey’s Weight Watchers ad in which the TV titan celebrates the brand for allowing her to continue eating as much bread as her heart desires.

“I love bread! I have bread every day, and on Weight Watchers plan, it’s okay. Because I’m talking about bread, y’all,” Rudolph’s Winfrey says in the first spot, urging viewers to look under their seats to find bread.

Later, Winfrey rechristens her bedroom as a “breadroom,” because everything inside is made of bread. There are also bread statutes, the season’s must-have for bread enthusiasts like Winfrey.

Watch the orignial commercial below:

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(Photo Source: CBS Screenshot)

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