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Whether you put it on top of your tacos, in your burrito, or just put some on top of a tortilla chip, pico de gallo is a fresh, healthy alternative to sodium-filled salsas and high calorie dips. Here’s a little twist on this old favorite: we add in avocados and strawberries! Mmmm! Delicious. Take a look!


1 avocado, seeded and diced

1 cup diced strawberries

1/3 cup diced mango

1/2 jalapeño, seeded and minced

1/4 cup diced red onion

2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro leaves

1 teaspoon honey, or more to taste

Juice of 1 lime

Kosher salt, to taste




In a large bowl, combine avocado, strawberries, mango, jalapeño, onion, cilantro, and honey.

Then slowly add in juices from the lime as the finishing touch (tastes great on cheese quesadillas!)

Serve immediately

**For added spice, finely dice one Jalepeno pepper and mix in.


Recipe Remix: Strawberry Avocado Pico De Gallo was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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