For Reservations:

To book your reservations for the Tom Joyner Family Reunion and get more information, please call 407-248-9191 or email:

Media Inquiries:

We appreciate your interest. All media inquiries are requested to put “Media Request” in the subject line in an email to

Sponsorship Inquiries:

If you are a company, please email

Tom Joyner Family Reunion App Support:

If you are having trouble with the Tom Joyner Family Reunion app, or have questions or comments please put “App Support” in the subject line in an email

Mailing Address:

REACH Media Inc.
Attn: Tom Joyner Family Reunion
13760 Noel Rd., Suite 750
Dallas, Texas 75240-7336

All itineraries, times, venues, performances, appearances and locations are subject to change without notice.
Florida Seller of Travel Number ST37188

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22 thoughts on “Contact Us

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  2. Carolyn Cornelius on said:

    How can I register my family for a family reunion for 2019 or 20 my father has 33 (yes 33 ) siblings and it’s difficult and costly for us to arrange such an amazing event

    • T-John on said:

      Today, I called the number listed on the website and inquired about purchasing individual tickets for the event. I was told that this information will be posted on the website after July 4. The information will include event schedules and ticket prices.

    • Elaine Bryant on said:

      Good morning!!!! Is there a form to complete when booking? I called the phone number and didnt get an answer. Please send me information for 2019.

  3. Don Burton on said:

    I’ve been going the family reunion for 14 years now. How can I get a room with the atrium view? For the last 6 years I’ve requests one of these rooms and each year I get a different excuse. Like this year I was told that Tom Joyers people pick the people for those rooms. You would think after 14 years I should be able to get one. Thank you Don Burton

    • Lynnette on said:

      Lynnette on March 27, 2018 at 9:47 am said:
      I called the gay lord palm hotel and made my reservation the number is 407-586-0000 the phone number they used

    • Lynnette on said:

      I called the gay lord palm hotel and made my reservation the number is 407-586-0000 the phone number they used to have is no longer working

    • Hello, I live here in Orlando and would like to attend the Gospel show on Sunday and possibly the Morris Day, Cameo shows. How do I get tickets for the concerts only? When is Maxwell performing?

  4. Sad in Toronto on said:

    Thoroughly disappointed by the comments of ex comedian J. Anthony Brown on Steve Harvey. Tearing down icon Tom Joyner. I will forever be a fan of Tom Joyner. So sad that Buffalo chose Steve Harvey (chaos show) over Tom.

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