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Jill Scott is a lot of things we love. But we had to narrow it down to 10. The Philly-born singer/actress/philanthropist will be joining the TJMS Family for this year’s Allstate Family Reunion down in Orlando, Florida September 1-5 at the Gaylord Palms retreat in Kissimmee, Florida. We look forward to seeing you there!

You already know Jill can tear down a stage, but here are ten things about her we love that you may not already know.

1. “A Long Walk”

Jill is a Philadelphia native (though she now calls Los Angeles and Tennessee home) and many of her most popular videos were shot in her hometown. Among one of her most memorable ones is the one she did for her hit “A Long Walk,” one of the hit songs off her 2000 debut Who Is Jill Scott: Words And Sounds Vol.1

2. “Lyzel In E Flat”

Jill’s songs are extremely personal, which is why people can relate to them so well. 

One of her most beloved recordings is based on her relationship with her then-husband, Lyzel Williams. Although the marriage didn’t last, the song and its heartfelt lyrics and delivery still resonate to this day. 


Waaay before anyone heard of #Blackgirlmagic Jill Scott was exhorting her fans, especially her Black female ones to embrace themselves and to embrace life. Living your life like it’s golden became a rallying cry of female empowerment and positivity that likely impacted the women to come. Now that Black women are using social media to uplift other women and to share their beauty and accomplishments we can truly say they are living life like it’s golden.

4. Jill Tells It Like It Is 

Jill, along with Eve, said what we all wanted to say about rapstress Iggy Azalea and her ‘blaccent.” The Australian native enjoyed big hits on these shores with songs like “Fancy” but some felt her success came along with a big helping of cultural appropriation. Here’s a look at what Jill thinks about Iggy and her rap bonafides.

5. Classy Clapback

In 2014, nudes that appeared to be Jill Scott’s as well as other celebs hit Twitter. While many of the celeb nudes were pretty obvious (Gabrielle Union’s was part of a Facetime convo she was having with her husband, Dwyane Wade and his face was visible as well ) Scott owned up to one semi-nude and disputed one fully topless. But what impressed us was that the one she owned, she said she felt no shame about. And she questioned the people who passed along and commented on her photos.




6. She Handled A Public Breakup With Grace 

On April 20, 2009 Jill Scott’s son, Jett Hamilton Roberts was born. Although she and respected drummer John Roberts were then engaged, the couple broke up very shortly after her son’s birth. Scott, who didn’t think she could have children, found herself a single parent at 37, although she and Roberts co-parent.

“We definitely love our son, and we are co-parenting and working on being friends. It is what it is. I have a lot of support, so I want for nothing as far as that’s concerned. I know some might criticize me or the fact that my son is being raised in a single-parent home, but I wasn’t raised in a two-parent home and I had a good relationship with my dad. I have hopes for him, and I’m sure his father will do his part as well,” she told Essence Magazine some years back.

7. Acting Up 

Over the years, Jill has proven her chops as an actress, appearing in TV movies and major films. And the roles have been diverse – everything from one of James Brown’s wives in Get On Up, to an alcoholic mother in the Lifetime movie Sins of the Mother, which won her an NAACP Image award.

And of course, she played Sheila, the emotionally abused wife who finds a new life in the Tyler Perry Why Did I Get Married movies. One of her most popular TV roles was as Precious Ramwotswe on the HBO series The #1 Ladies Detective Agency, though the series was short-lived.

8.  Jill Knows Heartbreak

Yes, she makes uplifting songs, don’t get us wrong. But it’s those songs of love’s challenges and disappointments that are ones we cling to when relationships hurt. Songs like “Hear My Call,” “You Don’t Know” “Whenever You’re Around” and “Talk To Me” show that love has many dimensions and some of them aren’t pretty. But the great thing is, Jill gets it, and if she could get through it, so can you.

9. Giving More Than Music 

Jill Scott’s Blues Babe Foundation has quietly been promoting Black girl empowerment for years. Whether its scholarship money, mentoring or providing inner-city girls with summer camp programs, the foundation, that works with young people in Philadelphia and Camden N.J., assists young men and women in making their personal and academic dreams come true. For more information on programs click HERE. 

10. Curve Appeal 

Jill Scott has been a one-women curvy girl appreciation program. Throughout her career, the buxom beauty has always advocated for body positivity and has exemplified it through her attire – always classy with a side of sexy. Here are a few examples of her always gorgeous red carpet looks. 


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