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Devon Still marriage

(photo courtesy of @man_of_still91 instagram)

Two years ago, Devon, 26, and Joyce, 26, put their marriage intentions of hold when Leah was identified with a life-threatening form of cancer, stage 4 neuroblastoma 2 yrs ago.

Essential Joyce said, “Go be by your daughter. I’ll be here when you get back.” And she stayed. Through the flying back and forth to doctors visits, the loss of Devon’s job when he was cut from the Cincinnati Bengals and being in and out of the spotlight with allegations of child support issues with Leah’s mother.

devon still marriage Still Stronger: Devon Still Married & Daughter Celebrates!

(photo courtesy of @man_of_still91 instagram)

Holding her hands he easily wiped away her tears and incorporated her in to the ceremony. It had been as much about her and making the household complete because it involved his union with Asha.

After Devon’s vows he beckoned to Leah arrive at the altar right in front entrance method of the NYPL that was made from glass and decorated with a number of white-colored flowers.

Devon’s mother was the pastor and joked that divorce is not an option!

Leah and Devon prepared a father/daughter dance to “Uptown Funk” where Leah giggled and did the jive while Devon danced behind her smiling.

Leah ran as much as her father, crying hysterically, and hugged him after he stated his vows.

Devon said in one of his photographs, “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for these two. It’s my job to keep these smiles on their faces.”

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