”Real Husbands of Hollywood” star Duane Martin and his wife, Tisha Campbell-Martin got the short of end of the stick in their legal battle with a bankruptcy trustee as a judge ordered them to hand over money Tisha made from her work on ABC’s “Dr. Ken.”

According to theJasmineBrand, the ruling stems from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy the couple filed in January. In their filing the Martin’s claimed they only had $313,000 in assets, despite being deep in more than $15 million in debt owed to creditors.

Assets from the pair include $65,000 in real estate, $200 in cash on hand, several luxury vehicles and less than $200 in their bank accounts. The Martin’s debt includes $3 million to Broadway Federal Bank, $9.5 million to the City of Los Angeles, over $100,000 in back taxes and various other million dollar debts and amounts owed to creditors.

Although, the Martins listed their monthly combined income as $7,655, they spend more than $16,000 for their monthly expenses.

On April 1, the bankruptcy trustee went to court to hit the Martins with a federal lawsuit demanding damages. In addition, the trustee filed an injunction against the couple for allegedly diverting money they made away from the bankruptcy.

In the suit, the trustee stated Duane Martin is a television actor and movie star and Tisha Campbell-Martin is a television actress and singer.

The bankruptcy petition mentions that the Martins own 100% interest in a production company named XE Visions. In addition to producing music, music videos and ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos based on Tisha’s performances, XE Visions contracts with studios regarding her performances and receives payments for the shows.

From there, XE and Sony affiliate Woodridge Productions entered into a contract. Woodbridge is noted for producing “Dr. Ken,” which Tisha receives $45,000 per episode.

Two days after the Martins filed for Chapter 7, the bankruptcy trustee stated that Tisha created another company named Won Hundred. The company, the trustee said, was created as a vehicle for rendering Tisha’s acting services, despite her already running XE Visions, which does exactly the same thing.

As a result, the trustee accused the Martins of creating Won Hundred for the sole purpose of diverting post-petition payments Tisha was receiving for her work on “Dr. Ken.” The trustee claims Tisha was paid $47,500 gross and $39,500 after she paid her agency. In addition, the trustee said that Woodridge issues 4-5 more payments to Tisha totaling $185,000 that are being held by her talent agency for some reason.

The trustee goes on to accuse the Martins of refusing to hand over the money since he says the payments should have been made to XE Visions not Won Hundred, since the contract Tisha has with “Dr. Ken” states she is to be paid via XE Visions.

As a result of this, the trustee demanded the judge grant an injunction enjoining the Martins from spending, using, transferring or otherwise dissipating the payments to Won Hundred and any other property or assets of XE until the case has been fully decided.

On Monday (April 25), the federal court judge sided with the bankruptcy trustee by granting a preliminary injunction against Martins, according to theJasmineBrand. He ordered that the couple are prohibited from spending, transferring or using any of the money in either XE or Won Hundred’s possession.

Adding to this is an additional ruling from the judge, ordering the Martins to turn over all assets and cash Won Hundred recently made, including the “Dr. Ken” paychecks Tisha received. The judge states once the bankruptcy closes, the company will be turned back over.

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