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Nearing the one-year anniversary of the death of Freddie Gray, a 13-year-old boy has been shot by the Baltimore police, after they mistook his toy gun for a real one. Thankfully, his wounds are not life-threatening.

According to Baltimore’s CBS affiliate, in a press release Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said that the shooting, which occurred on Wednesday afternoon, happened after two officers, in plainclothes and an unmarked car, saw the teen walking down the street with what looked like a semi-automatic gun. After identifying themselves to the young man, he ran without dropping the gun, prompting officers to shoot him, Davis claimed.

Davis went on to say, he had “no reason to believe that these officers acted inappropriately in any way,” saying the officers weren’t aware the gun was fake. When pressed had Davis seen the gun himself, he said, that he  “stood over it” and even he couldn’t tell that it was replica, he stated.

Here is an official image of the gun that the teen had on him.

Meanwhile, according to Baltimore journalist Jayne Miller who was on the scene, witnesses recall the situation differently than how Davis is spinning it.

And in the same manner that 12-year-old Tamir Rice was blamed for his own shooting death, the young man’s mother has been taken in to be questioned because “she knew” her son left the house with what she believed was a BB gun.

Meanwhile, Twitter was not here for any of this:

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12 thoughts on “13-Year-Old Boy With Toy Gun Shot By Baltimore Police

  1. African American woman on said:

    I can’t believe some folks on here are still crying the old “they will shoot us faster than anyone” nonsense…look up the FBI stats…they police consistently shoot white men far more than any other race- so the poor black victim me card can go back in the drawer. How about responsibility???? Some of us HATE that word. This boy’s mother said that she knew her 13 year old son left the house with a bb gun. How stupid, reckless and irresponsible she is. Why does your child need any kind of gun? Forget the police…how about in one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country, he runs into another black face with a real gun. Please stop using rasicm as a cover to hide irresponsibility and stupidity. It’s really old, old tired and so generic.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “they police consistently shoot white men far more than any other race” Ms smarty-pants, have you ever thought that white men are shot more than blacks statistically (as you say) because there are many more white men than black. So they should be shot more, they commit more crimes. Please go sit down Ms. I hate the skin I’m in. Just because you don’t want to face the facts about police brutality (and I’m not saying this is the case here) in the black community doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Why don’t you read completely, I already mentioned the parent’s responsibility in my first sentence. Dang, you are hell bent on letting us know you hate your race. Thank you we got it.

      • African American woman on said:

        If you were able to intelligently decipher words, you would be able to tell that I was answering your statement with fact. Without dicing up the meaning; more white men do get shot by the police every year. Right or wrong; that’s what it is. Show me otherwise…oops, you can’t. Hmmm. Just like a mindless sheep; anyone who doesn’t share your myopic view that all black people are the just one collective brain, they must hate being black. How miserable and pathetic. I’m happy that black people are diversified and have different thoughts, opinions and beliefs; because if we all thought like you, we would be continously blaming the big, bad white man for every thing that happens to us. My point still stands-if you’re dumb enough to let your kid out of the house with a bb gun and your kid is dumb enough to run when the cops say drop it, what do you think is going to happen? In Baltimore, no less??? The cop should have said, oh, let him go-he’s just a poor victim of the white man…so backwards and silly

  2. specialt757 on said:

    This is what’s wrong with parenting today, especially (and my only concern) in the black community. It’s not new to the 21st century that police will shoot a black person quicker than any other. That is why when my son was a baby under no circumstance would I allow him to play with a gun in or out of the house UNLESS it was clearly a toy, like a colorful supersoaker or nerf, which are always colorful, no one could possibly mistake for a real gun. If he got one from a friend or relative, and I didn’t immediately know about it, it was thrown away. The last thing on earth I wanted was my son to be killed by ANYONE because they mistook his toy gun for a real gun. Another reoccurring tragedy that could have been prevented.

  3. Guest12 on said:

    First off, it’s the parents that are fascinated with guns to even purchase this crap for kids. If they, the parents or the kid wants to play with a toy gun, make the damn this as unrealistic as possible. Make the damn color orange, and not just the tip on the muzzle.

  4. Linda on said:

    Thank God this kid was not shot and killed!!!!!!
    For once a cop used his head and did the right thing!!!!!

    What is with young men of color and their fascination with toy and real guns?
    Times have changed and maybe toy makers need to consider no longer manufacturing toy guns
    that look so much like the real thing.

    Most PIGS do not have the INTELLIGENCE to determine a real one from a toy.
    It only takes one trigger happy cop to shoot to kill!!!!!!

    It is time for parents to consider having their child pick up a damn BOOK instead of these
    toy guns.

  5. BigCat on said:

    So now black children can’t play with toys in public. What else do white ppl want to take away from us? Our Freedom?

    • Chris on said:

      Right on BigCat. Black children should be allowed to loot and burn down business’. Black children should be allowed to sell drugs on the corner. Black children should be allowed drop out of school and not act like whitey.

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