The anger of Beyoncé’s Beyhive has mistakenly spilled over to celebrity chef Rachel Ray as the social media fan base reacted strongly to cheating references made and seen in the singer’s new visual album “Lemonade.

E! Online notes the Beyhive’s fury came Saturday when Beyoncé released the “Lemonade” album to accompany HBO’s premiere of the one-hour visual of the album. In addition to series of videos featured in the special, viewers took in each song off “Lemonade” as it touched on strong themes such as family, love, betrayal, blackness and infidelity, which was sprinkled throughout the offering.

As the “Lemonade” special aired, speculation ran rampant about the woman behind Beyoncé’s personal tribulation that came with her giving weight to the longstanding cheating rumors that have plagued her marriage to Jay Z. A target was soon found in Damon Dash’s ex-wife and fashion designer Rachel Roy once Beyoncé uttered the following line in the video to her song, “Sorry”:

“He better call Becky with the good hair.”

Roy is noted for allegedly being the person Jay Z has been screwing around with for a good bit. So much so that the pair’s interaction was what caused Beyoncé’s sister Solange to confront Jay Z in their infamous elevator incident in 2014.

Taking to Instagram soon after “Lemonade” special’s premiere, Roy added more fuel to the fire.


From there, it was on as the Beyhive went fully in on Roy with lemons and pointed insults filling her comments sections. The kicker with all of this is that Beyhive members got their signals crossed and brought their venom to Rachel Ray’s Instagram page with insulting comments about her appearance, cooking skills, and erroneous accusations of being a thorn in Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage.


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