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Lil Kim is looking a little different these days.

The Queen Bee posted a picture yesterday on Instagram and fans barely recognized her. She immediately started trending on social media while many Twitter users shared their opinions on her new look.

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Miami Heat!!! 🔥🌞😍

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It was clear most people missed Lil Kim’s old style, after all, it’s one of the reasons people fell in love with Brooklyn’s finest female emcee.

Kim didn’t take too kindly to the comments, posting a throwback pic for the haters and captioning it: “I was gonna post this pic for #SuckADickSaturday ‼️ but #SuckADickSunday ‼️ will have to do! Happy Sunday! Me and my bitch @cnvshaka the Gabbana Girls.”

What do you think of Lil Kim’s latest selfies?

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30 thoughts on “Lil Kim Claps Back At Her Haters After Latest Unrecognizable Selfie

  1. kimboo on said:

    She like others…aka, Stacey Dash, is trying to keep up with a time that doesn’t find her RELEVANT. She disappeared to have a normal life, get married or have relations, and have her beautiful daughter Royal (who’s father is white). She didn’t continue to tour, advertisements, singing or acting in movies to keep her self in the here and now; so others took her place, and here comes Nikki Minaj out of left field, and took the game to another level.

  2. inah green on said:

    marylin Monroe..Michael Jackson..Them,They and those said they should change..God don’t make no mess.Swag everybody want ..Not everything that comes with it..straight,nappy braids or natural we got styles to stand out with this bush..

  3. Lawrence on said:

    This self hatred is rampant among many of our women. They see successful black men preferring white women over them en mass. They are so desperate for attention, they are willing to kill off their natural hair by smothering it with weave. Bleaching skin, it goes on and on. All to be accepted by their own men and white people. So sad. Look around at the number of hair hats versus those wearing natural hair. It ain’t even close. They now offer “weave loans”. Am I the only one that sees the insanity of this? Indian people selling us white peoples hair, and we line up for it.
    DAMM Peeps, dam.

    Linda, don’t you even try coming up in here flexing on me gurl, I know for a fact you got a hair hat for every dam day of the week.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Listening to junior mafia right now on the breakfast club, love their rap game.
      larry/lawrence you are all kinds of stupid. I wonder why black women find it necessary to be what some black men want…a white woman. Do you think it has something to do with the fact that some are passed over from white women, of which some don’t look worth a damn? So if this bird-brain, low-self-esteem Lil Kim and any other self-hating mentally challenged woman, did this to themselves to get a man, white or black, YOU and your side-kick should take the blame for that. Rest assured YOU contributed to it.

  4. CHANGE THE HEADLINE… because we’re not hating on her new looks. The fact is we loved her old looks. She was beautiful!!! We miss the old Kim

    • specialt757 on said:

      I agree ari, people are not ‘hatin’ on Lil Kim’s new look, they just flat out don’t like it, no shade whatsoever, Her fans loved her old look 100% more.

  5. Amber on said:

    I do not have words. And who told her that THIS LOOK is what is considered beautiful. And what is said there are other blacks who feel this insecure they just do not have the money to make this change so they do things in other ways. She is not alone in her thinking.

  6. Rosco P Coaltrain on said:

    Bless her heart. She woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and said to herself….”I hate my beautiful chocolate looking self…..I want to be as close to white as I can get”……Bless her low self esteem, gotta buy anything to make her look ugly thinking it makes her look good self. With self esteem as low as her’s is it’s no telling what she will do next. Bless her little Kim heart. She’s hurting and still trying to find love by any means. So what she think a billionaire will want to marry her now?
    Women need to stop getting all this fake shggity done to them. The only reason your man accepts it is because he thinks it will make you happy, but please believe me when I say “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thang” Baby.

  7. It must be self-hate that has led Lil Kim to wind up looking like this.

    She was a very pretty young lady when she had a browner complexion and NO PLASTIC SURGERY!!!!

    If Biggie Smalls were alive today-even he would not recognize her now!!!!!!!

    • Lawrence on said:

      Says the hypocrite who wears a different hair hat, made of white peoples hair, for every dam day of the week. Get to steppin’ before I usher you out.


    Poor Lil Kim, I really liked her the way she was, but obviously she didn’t like herself. Hope she doesn’t pass those feelings on to her own daughter. How can she teach her child to love herself when she doesn’t love herself? Looks are not everything. Looks fade, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. Self love above all others. God made you in His image, do you not love God? hmmmmm

  9. Wow. I am truly speechless. I thought she was going to far long ago, but now your skin too. Honestly it took me a minute to make sure that was her…Scary

  10. specialt757 on said:

    Her new look is very disappointing and I’m not a true Lil Kim fan. Her best days to me was when she rapped on “get money”. But I thought she was a cute young lady in her original state. Gotta feel something for someone who hates themselves this much, not just for Lil Kim but for all others who struggle with this disease.

  11. redbone1954 on said:

    Wow this is scary on so many levels. Wonder what the real reason is for her doing this to herself. She really needs some help. But i know she does not see anything wrong with what she is doing to herself. I hope her daughter recognizes her good grief.!!!!!!!

  12. Chastity on said:

    This is so sad. Nothing but self hatred would make a person go to such drastic measures to change their appearance. She wants to be white so badly but no amount of money and no procedure will make that happen. She did/does not need plastic surgery. She needed/needs to have a talk with God.

  13. straightnochaser on said:

    In due time, she will be a spokesperson for self-love, and how she wish she could turn back the hands of time when she was healthy and had her original skin color, facial features, etc. I remember reading an interview of her not long after Big died, and she spoke of how he only married Faith because she turned him down, and that her light skin color had something to do with it as well. What exactly does she, or anyone else who places their health on the line, hope to gain by taking a risk with the one shot of good health we have? She looks like a 7th grade science project gone wrong.

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