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HBO’s “Real Sports” tells the stories of alleged sexual misconduct by Kevin Johnson, the former Phoenix Suns star, who also served as the mayor of Sacramento since 2008. reports:

Most of the women accuse Johnson of touching them inappropriately while they were teens — Johnson is the founder of St. HOPE, a nonprofit organization that runs charter schools in Sacramento —€” and one woman’s allegations date to 1996. The most recent come from a former City Hall staffer and were made in 2013.

That woman, Ilee Muller, didn’t appear on “Real Sports” on Tuesday night, but three others did, including Amanda Koba, who went to police with her story in 1996 but never had appeared on camera for a TV inteview.

Koba agreed to a $230,000 settlement with Johnson in 1997, which she said she now regrets.

“I blamed myself for years and years. Others have been hurt that wouldn’t have been hurt,” she said.

Johnson did not appear on “Real Sports” on Tuesday night, although he appeared on the show eight years ago to deny the accusations. His press secretary issued this statement: “It’s unfortunate that this previously addressed issue has once again been rehashed instead of using the opportunity to tell the ongoing story of a community renaissance led by residents working closely with one of their own, a professional athlete turned Mayor, to make Sacramento a better place.”