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Adrienne Bailon’s engagement to her ex Lenny Santiago fell through, but The Real host rebounded with six-time Grammy award-winning Christian singer Israel Houghton. The new couple was photographed getting steamy on the beach.

And can we talk about this fabulous bathing suit. Adrienne is winning.

Houghton, who is in the midst of a divorce from his wife of 20 years after he admitted infidelity, produced I’m In Love With A Church Girl, which Adrienne starred in alongside Ja Rule.

In typical Internet fashion, they dug up an old comment Houghton left under Adrienne’s engagement photo.

As the cliché goes, your replacement is never too far away.

Houghton has since taken to Facebook to let people know that Bailon is no homewrecker.



So, do you approve of this relationship or do you believe a man in the ministry should conduct himself differently? Tell us!


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Really! They Dated?
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10 thoughts on “Yes, Israel Houghton And Adrienne Bailon Are Dating

  1. Katren Moss on said:

    I agree with RL & Dee…we as Christians do live in a higher standard than most and for Israel to be so nonchalant about his marriage ending is a disgrace. He has admitted to cheating on his wife but it seems as though he is not godly sorry. Yes, we all sin (because we were shaped in it) and fall short of God’s glory everyday….that’s why Paul said, “we have to die daily and ask God’s forgiveness because we sin all the time and don’t even know we have sinned….flaunting your “grown business” is out of order and He’s going against God’s word, “don’t let your good be evil spoken of”, “don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”, etc. Israels character is being judged, because a mans character is built on the what he has lived IN-and marriage is sacred to God and if you can’t suffer it to be so for the one you see daily, how can Israel say he’s teaching and preaching God’s word but not living in it? Let us all remember if you put your business out there for all to see, please don’t be surprised and get upset when people comment….the word said “discretion shall preserve thee and understanding shall keep thee”. Learn to be more discreet in your “grown” life.

    • Kimboo on said:

      I agree sweet tea, and as a Christian woman, let me be the first to say… That my girls, my best friends that are strong, business women who are in the church; are some of the biggest hoes, lol 🙂 I love them, and they have my back; but we all know, like a Preachers Kid (PK), that the most judgmental, and biggest hoes are in the church. The church is a business these days, and NOT in the SOUL saving business, It’s about the bottom line. So I’m happy for Adrienne and Israel, WE WERE MEANT TO LOVE, NOT JUDGE! Glad my Sicilian grandfather fell in love with my Creole grandmother, 10 children later and ever after love, I’m here… Thank you Jesus 🙂 Let the church say… AMEN!

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  3. Teece Key on said:

    Well, we always knew the cheetah girl was a little thot-ish, but I’m really sad to see Israel go out like this. For him to say she has integrity and character, he must be smashin. Well bruh after you’re done getting your fill, I hope you get your mind right and go get you a Christian woman

      • Teece Key on said:

        Not throwing shade at all. I am actually of the same ethnicity as Adrienne and my husband is black as well. What I take issue with is Christian men overlooking the beautiful, quality women right there in the church. Race is not the issue, there are women of good character of all races, just as well as some hoeish women of all races. It’s about being of the same spiritual heritage that matters.

      • Exactly RL! And regardless of what people say, these pictures don’t look good. One of these posts said they are grown and that’s true but if you are a Bible believing Christian, and they both are, then your life is not your own, you belong to Christ and bear His Name. You are called to a different standard of living. Not because of His position as a world known and church leader, but because they are followers of Christ and the Bible they believe in tells them so. There is a lot at stake: their relationship with The Lord; his children being hurt because they will see these pictures and are old enough to understand that daddy has moved on from mommy, for real; his ex-wife being hurt even further because her wounds are still open; their reputations and his ministry. Wisdom is key and their decision to put themselves in this position shows a lack of it.

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