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The visit from the feds to Kandi Burruss’ home – which was revealed during Sunday’s season eight finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” – put a crimp in plans that Burruss and Phaedra Parks‘ had to end their longstanding feud.

The agents disrupted everything as they came to Burruss and Todd Tucker’s home to seize some property the couple was storing for Parks’ husband Apollo Nida, according to Rolling Out.

Needless to say, speculation circulated about Parks being the one who called the feds on Burruss. In response, Parks cleared the air on the finale as she denied calling the feds on her fellow castmate.

The denial comes amid Parks’ known displeasure over learning last year that Burruss and Tucker were storing some of Nida’s motorbikes at her home. With that, Parks let it be known to Burruss that she felt betrayed by her because she was helping out Nida, who is currently serving time.

For her part, Burruss admitted Sunday that she was suspicious of Parks and decided for the time being to keep her at a distance until she could determine whether it was just a coincidence that the Feds came to her house or if Parks really turned on her.

Taking to her Bravo blog, Burruss continued to speak on her situation with Parks as she voiced her feelings about things being blown out of proportion by “RHOA” fans and Parks.

“This situation has turned into something bigger than it should’ve been. I hate that people think we were trying to hide something, “Burruss said in her latest blog post. “We were never trying to hide his stuff from the FEDs or Phaedra. It was never a secret. When the FEDs asked for it we gave it to them. We didn’t have any issues with the FEDs. It’s not like we knew the details of Apollo’s case, so we had no idea that Apollo’s motorcycle being at our house was even an issue,”

Burruss’ comments follow recent remarks made on “Watch What Happens Live” as she detailed what happened when the Feds came to her home. The following are highlights from the interview, via RollingOut:

On whether she was afraid of the Feds

I wasn’t scared to be honest with you. I just was kinda like — it’s not like they had a search warrant or anything — I was just like ‘Okay, his bike his here.’”

On whether she got in trouble for storing Nida’s bikes

“No, I didn’t get in trouble, they came to inquire if they had anything at our house….It was just a bike and 4-wheeler.”

On whether she thinks Parks called the Feds on her

“The thing was, I really didn’t know…I didn’t know if it was because of the TV show or if she was upset, I didn’t know….The timing of it was so weird.”

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