Last week, the ladies of “The Talk” decided to encourage young women to take off their clothes and share nude selfies on social media – in support of Kim Kardashian’s selfie-gate.

When Kim posted this pic on Instagram, it sparked conversation, criticism and praise from many, including Sharon Osbourne, who believes it to be empowering for women to share personal nude images with the rest of the world.

During the discussion co-host Sheryl Underwood became teary-eyed when it was revealed that she decided not to post online the nude photo of herself that she initially taken in support of Osbourne’s selfie-gate praise of Kardashian.

Underwood explained:

“While I am not ashamed of my body in any way and while I love my brown skin to death. I hope that one day those pictures can come out for me as an individual woman who loves my curves and loves who I am. I thank Kim Kardashian for doing something so big that SHE may not even understand the discussion that she has truly started. But, I also have a responsibility to young women all over this country that may misunderstand me showing my body as some sexualized exercise in commerce and not empowering me to be 185 pounds and voluptuous and dark-skinned and sexy and desirable. The reason I’m about to cry is because, I fought hard to get here, but now I make choices for not just for myself, but for my race, for my people and for women. I want to be able to show that there is another standard of beauty.”

Watch below:

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(Photo Source: The Talk Youtube)