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So now the truth comes out.

Years after Stacey Dash’s departure from VH1’s Single Ladies, LisaRaye is revealing the reason behind the Fox News contributor’s firing while taking responsibility for the action as an example of her learning to be a “boss.”

“In Hollywood, I’ve learned to be a boss,” LisaRaye said in a clip promoting her appearance on the Centric TV series Being.

“I had to say to Stacey Dash, ‘If you don’t get your motherf**king finger out of my face…’ So for our second season of Single Ladies, there was a replacement for Stacey Dash.”

LisaRaye’s confession puts to rest the circumstances regarding Dash’s absence on the season two premiere of “Single Ladies” in 2012. Rumors of a rivalry between the pair soon surfaced as Dash’s character, Valerie “Val” Stokes, was whisked off to Milan, and replaced with Raquel Lancaster, played by Denise Vasi.

The topic of LisaRaye’s drama with Dash came up in a May 2012 Jet cover story that found LisaRaye admitting she was involved in an altercation with Dash, that was initially not “that serious,” but ultimately escalated afterwards.

“Yes, there was a disagreement over a scene. And it really wasn’t with me. It was with the director,” said LisaRaye. “I think it was about 2 or 3 a.m., and we’d been shooting all damn day. Stacey tried to argue with the director about a line. And I’m like: ‘Girl, if you don’t say what the director wants you to say.’ It wasn’t that serious at first, but it went there.”

To see the Being promo with LisaRaye, check out the video below:

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