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Ace Wells Tucker is famous before he can even say “Da-Da.”

The little baby already has 115K Instagram followers, and he doesn’t even know it!

Mama Kandi took to the ‘gram earlier today to share his first photo shoot with their fans:

The mommy and son pair posed for a People magazine spread, introducing the world to Ace.

We are just in love with his face!

Up until now, the reality TV baby’s face was cloaked from the public.

Here’s Ace with some of his uber-celeb friends:

Happy to see him and mom are doing well!

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10 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Reveals Ace Wells Tucker To The World In Adorable New Photo Shoot

  1. Jennifer on said:

    Such haters! If you can’t say anything good or positive, then shut the hell up!!!! One can name their child whatever they choose. Congrats to Todd and Kandi. Love them!

  2. Who cares about them or their kid. She hasn’t had a hit in like when? And her husband….really?! God Bless ‘Em! I know your an artist but please people stop naming your kids names that have irrelevant meanings. We need to name children names they can live up to like Sophia=Wisdom, Aberash=giving off light, Ade=crown. Come on!!! Blue Ivey, North West (this kid is going to be directionally challenged), now Ace Wells-wtf are they all on crack! Stupid A$$

  3. Todd jackson on said:

    What kind of idiot names their child ace? You might as well name him rocky or butch or Mookie. Stupid country folks.

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