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The rumor mill is buzzing around alleged drama between Keyshia Cole and Bow Wow Shad Moss.

Keyshia is being accused of throwing cake on Shad’s Rolls Royce and egging his friend’s car because Keyshia and Shad were reportedly dating.

Bow Wow, who’s celebrating his 29th birthday today, took to Twitter to briefly address the grapevine.

Keyshia didn’t exactly confirm nor deny the accusations, but she did tweet:

And make it clear why “n*ggas get f*cked up.”

Really! They Dated?
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6 thoughts on “Did Keyshia Cole Egg Bow Wow’s Car On His Birthday?

  1. I believe this lady is getting too old for this type of drama. Let’s not forget the twitter war with her and the stripper her ex husband was dealing with. You have to get to a point where you say whatever and keep it moving. Nobody is worth you embarrassing yourself . If they can’t help you be a better you; you don’t need them.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “If they can’t help you be a better you; you don’t need them.” And that’s the truth Ruth. If you are with someone who is not lifting you up but also causing you pain, let them go. Along with that however, you really need to leave that ‘crazy’ in your rear view mirror. Grow up, become an adult leave this childish-crap where it belongs…

  2. Graham on said:

    Keyshia is beautiful face girl, with everything going for herself, trying to be closer to family have better relationship and all from a distance, loving son and ex-husband, why do ppl that have all the outer beautiful are so torn inside, love yourself before anyone loves you better.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Damn…can you say “self-destruct”? If all your relationships end badly, could YOU be the problem? Tired of seeing our young ladies go down this path of destruction. Love yourself more than you hate him.

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