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A young Florida couple were charged with using a taser on their children.

NBC Miami reports:

The News-Press reports Joshua Pierre Louis, 28, and Roxanne Paduani, 33, were arrested Thursday.

The Department of Children and Families began investigating following a call to the Florida Abuse Hotline.

A Lee County Sheriff’s Office arrest reports says one of the four children at the Lehigh Acres home told a DCF investigator that Louis would use a Taser on them when they were bad and showed the investigator scars.

The ages of the children weren’t immediately reported.

Louis and Paduani were each being held on $200,000 bail. Jail records didn’t list an attorney.

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(Photo Source: NBC Miami)


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10 thoughts on “Parents Arrested For Using Stun Gun On 4 Children

  1. M623 on said:

    They better watch out in prison, you know the “law of the joint”; DON’T MESS WITH KIDS! You got the biggest murderers, rapists, etc but when you abuse children, THEY DON’T PLAY!

  2. Timothy Green on said:

    SMH, discipline gone overboard, kids will sometimes push you to the point you want to do some craziness, but you gotta exercise good judgement AT ALL TIMES, im hoping these parents hearts were in the right place & they were just very misguided in their method vs just torturing these children

  3. Kimboo on said:

    Wow…. I’m not saying I agree, but I understand. I know manners start at home, but some of these children are out of control when they aren’t around their parents, and those parents know it. They were just trying to keep theirs in line, and letting them know, they are the law… and will make them see God. Most children these days aren’t afraid of their parents, but I was, and it only took one time for me to understand the message. But electricity isn’t the way to go about it, lol, but I understand.

    • Using discipline to raise responsible contributing members of society is one thing. Abuse, torture, or assault is totally different. Not under any circumstances is it appropriate to electrocute a minor.

      • Guest12 on said:

        I’m with you Nya. This type of abuse or abuse period is totally unacceptable. No child should be tazed, and anyone who does it or understands, should themselves either have their kids taken away or seek Effective Parenting Classes.

    • If you’re too stupid to know how to use your head instead of your hands to train children, you’re too stupid to have them. Dog trainers train are able to train dogs to do anything they want without ever laying a hand on them. Evidently, your parents decided you were dumber than a dog, and couldn’t be trained to be a respectable citizen without the use of violence. I actually hate people who use violence against defenseless children. Can you tell?

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