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Despite having much respect for Minister Louis Farrakhan, Akon had to tell it like it is as he criticized the Nation of Islam leader for comments he made about NBA basketball and LeBron James.

According to TMZ Sports, Farrakhan’s slammed the National Basketball Association at a recent Nation of Islam event in Detroit. It was there that he compared the league to modern day slavery by labeling it an exploitative operation where black men are “bought and sold.” On top of that, Farrakhan brought James into the discussion by comparing the Cleveland Cavaliers forward to a slave.

Upon hearing what Farrakhan said, Akon voiced his disagreement while acknowledging his respect for the minister. Overall, Akon called Farrakhan’s statement on the NBA and James “bulls**t.”

To see Akon comment on Farrakan’s remarks, check out the video below:

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Fair or foul?

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(Photo Source: TMZ)

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