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Malachi Love-Robinson’s interview on “Good Morning America” ended up being a moment he would like to forget as the 18-year-old walked out after he was questioned on whether or not he was a real doctor.

Love-Robinson, who refers to himself as “Dr. Love,” agreed to be interviewed by “GMA” after he was arrested on Tuesday (Feb. 16) amid accusations of impersonating a doctor and practicing medicine without a license.

Defending his actions, Love-Robinson claimed that he is a doctor – just not an M.D.

“I do currently hold a Ph.D. – in what, I don’t feel comfortable disclosing because that is not the issue here,” the Florida teen said. “The issue that I face now is accusations.”

“I have been studying this particular field for a while,” he added. “It may not have been eight, nine, 10 years. But it has been long enough to, I would say, justify what I do.”

Turns out, Love-Robinson does his job at the New Birth, New Life Alternative Medicine and Urgent Care Clinic, a clinic he opened in West Palm Beach, Florida that bills itself as a holistic practice. When asked what training he underwent that qualifies him to treat patients, Love-Robinson responded, saying, “I have shadowed many doctors.”

As the interview continued, People noted that things eventually took a turn for the worse for Love-Robinson when he as asked if he was, in fact, not a doctor but simply a fraud and a liar.

“I don’t appreciate your tone. I don’t appreciate the way you’re portraying this interview to actually be,” Love-Robinson said. “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to cut this interview short.”

It was at that point, Love-Robinson stood up and left the interview.

Love-Robinson’s departure from the interview comes as he faces seven criminal counts. According to “GMA,” the teen faces two counts of practicing medicine without a license, one count of grand theft larceny and four counts of fraud.

Love-Robinson’s alleged victims include an elderly woman who is said to have paid almost $3,500 for treatment of stomach pain. The teen is currently free on bail.

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(Photo Source: ABC News)