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Last season left audiences in limbo with Erica and Tina Campbell  of Mary Mary focusing on their individual careers.  Which forced the duo into an indefinite hiatus.

The sisters, now in direct competition with each other, are also feeling pressure to keep the group in the game even if that means replacing a Mary.

Tune in to season 5 of WEtv’s Mary Mary. The show premieres Thursday, March 3 at 9PM ET/PT.

This season, Erica is at the top of her game having won a Grammy, Dove and Soul Train Award. Meanwhile Tina’s solo career is on the rise.

These, now, solo sisters have become accustom to being at the top as part of the dynamic duo; however for the first time ever, they are competing for the same spot on the charts.

In the premiere episode, Erica’s husband and producer Warryn Campbell begins to feel pressure from Sony Records to deliver the next Mary Mary album. He immediately enlists Erica to help convince Tina that this is the right time to resurrect the group.

Erica believes she has the perfect plan to get Tina onboard; however, it may not be foolproof as Tina is solely focused on her solo effort and is finally seeing her hard work pay off.

With success come countless responsibilities, leaving Tina feeling a bit overwhelmed. Her husband Teddy’s task of keeping her from breaking under the pressure proves to be more challenging than expected.

Former manager, Mitchell Solarek, has finally moved on from his tumultuous relationship with the Mary’s. But just when he thinks he’s made a clean break, his new client will only work with one producer, Warryn Campbell.

With Warryn on the hook for an  album, he will do everything he can to stay in Sony’s good graces. Even if the result is making a deal with the devil and possibly recasting Mary Mary.

Can Mary Mary survive the pressures of Erica and Tina’s solo ventures and personal lives, or will their individual success be the demise of the duo? Tune in to season 5 of WEtv’s Mary Mary, premiering Thursday, March 3 at 9PM ET/PT.

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