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Rapper and reality show star Clifford “T.I.” Harris says he’s just fine with Beyoncè’s Super Bowl performance and her controversial “Formation” video. When asked how he felt about it in an airport interview, he raised a Black Power fist.

He says that the idea that an anti-Beyoncè protest is planned is laughable.

“How are you going to protest our protest?,” he told a TMZ reporter.

Watch T.I. talk about how he feels that Beyoncè is just trying to draw attention to Black cultural pride and police who abuse their power.

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5 thoughts on “T.I. Says He Fully Supports Beyonce’s Musical Activism [WATCH]

  1. I just listened to ‘Formation’, maybe its because I am British, I cant quite here her protest???
    Can someone explain it to me please.
    All I hear is her saying loves herself and has black pride, cant black people say that in the states?
    – But glad T.I. is supporting her, in her using her music to speak out about oppression.
    I always thought she did, though, in her unique way as a feminist, a lipstick one, but an advocate for women’s rights all the same.

  2. Had T.I.’s song played: “Is This The New Natiional Anthem,” it would have really hit a nerve with white America! The truth regarding racism hurts white America’s ears.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    man T.I. should’ve used his famous line on ’em “you can miss me wit it” But that was funny “how they gonna protest our protest?” lol

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