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Actor Will Smith will not be at the Oscars this year, but he had a few things to say about the boycott his wife proposed and the huge response it got from Hollywood, up to and including a change in the Academy voting system.

Smith continues to be a Hollywood A-lister although his project of late have been met with a lackluster response. After his movie Concussion, for which he was not nominated, Smith will do a turn in Suicide Squad, but won’t appear in the upcoming Independence Day sequel. Recently, he was interviewed by the BBC rapper/radio personality A.Dot, who asked all the questions that we wanted to ask.

Check out what Smith had to say about son Jaden’s campaign for Louis Vuitton women, his feelings about Janet Hubert and what he thinks  Hollywood’s position on diversity should be.

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9 thoughts on “Will Smith On His Kids, Janet Hubert And #OscarsSoWhite [WATCH]

  1. Robert gillum on said:

    Black people on this topic seem to be misguided you can’t be a participant and then play victim. We do that to much. Stop

  2. Sean B. on said:

    Much respect to the young who conducted the interview with Will. It would have been nice to see Will take this stand against the Oscars a few years ago. I personally thought Concussion was a movie that needed to be shown and discussed.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Hey TK,
    I think you’re absolutely correct. He already has the money and fame, what he doesn’t have is an Oscar. Unfortunately, maybe he believes, (as the ole folks used to say) “you ain’t ish until the white man says you are”.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    I like Will Smith, but I remember a time when he got a divorce from his first wife, I was pretty upset, I had all the wrong perceptions of how things went down. Of course since then, I’ve grown up and learned (1) what I think doesn’t matter and (2) it’s his life to live. I now to see him and the world from a new and clearer lens.
    This interview was really good, never heard of A.Dot but he did a great job. I could tell Will Smith chose his worlds very carefully as to not create more drama. Even though he was smiling the whole time, he probably was a little nervous about the outcome and how the public would react. Kudos to the both of them, he is still an A-list actor even though is last two movies were not great. I really wished he would have chosen Independence Day over Concussion. Can’t wait for Bad Boys III.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Hey Special.
      Yes, Independence day 2 would have been a much better choice. This isn’t shade by any means, purely observation but with Will’s last few choices, 7 pounds, concussion, etc it’s almost like he’s buckin for an Oscar.

  5. Kimboo on said:

    Nice interview, much do respect… he didn’t bash Janet Hubert for any of the criticism that she has been giving him for the last 1/4 of a century. We know the industry is funny, and he was a young man playing the Hollywood game, but his star credentials did rise. All it took was a little “PARENTS JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND,” clean rap, and it was written. He broke the barrier in terms of rich white parents in the 90’s allowing their children to bring the rap home… talk about crossover artist.

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