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Once again, Wendy Williams has rubbed a celebrity the wrong way.

This time, it’s TLC‘s Chilli, who brought her wrath to the daytime talk show host after she mentioned the group recently in her “Hot Topics” segment.

While discussing Naughty by Nature’s recently launched KickStarter campaign to fund their next album, Williams touched on TLC’s efforts to use the site to request donations from fans to help them create a new offering.

In Williams’ eyes, Naughty by Nature is on a different level that TLC. So much so that Naughty members Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee should be above asking for money.

“TLC even though they’re legendary, I look at them in a different lane than I look at Naughty by Nature … there are certain people that are so legendary that you can just survive off your old music and tour for the rest of your life,” Williams said while noting that although her producer Norman donated money to TLC’s KickStarter, he never received what was promised to him.

According to Norman, he was supposed to receive a handwritten letter from Chilli and her TLC groupmate T-Boz, but only got a piece of paper with a list of song titles written on it.

TLC’s KickStarter campaign has raised $430,255 from 4,201 fans, who contributed funds to help the group put together a new album that still has not come out.

Soon after her comments were out there, speculation surfaced from many folks who thought Williams was throwing a bit of shade at TLC.

Including, Chilli, who fired back at Williams after hearing about what she said from a fan on Twitter. The way Chilli sees it, Williams wouldn’t talk so bold if she were face to face with her and T-Boz. Scroll below to see Chilli’s Twitter response:


The Chili comments come at the 22:20 mark.

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14 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Ticks Off TLC’s Chilli [VIDEO]

  1. First of all there are more worthy causes to send my hard earned money to. As for Wendy, take your own advice and have several seats. You seem to relish to kicking the sistuhs while they’re down. Is that the creed you live by these days. Is it the constant shade that got your show renewed. If so, well shame on you.

  2. Talley Williams on said:

    It would be so cool if women just took a moment to stand in another woman’s shoes before or as she spoke. TBoz battles an autoimmune disease, Chili’s son is in his late teens early adult years, the industry is murder on women, but men get passes all day because they have much less to juggle. Can’t we be supportive???
    And Wendy…. isn’t life good right now??
    …what’s up with thaaatttt….

  3. ladydayforever on said:

    Now L.A. Reid was on Wendy’s show and he was asked about him and Chilli having an affair, that’s what Chilli should be mad about.

  4. ladydayforever on said:

    Wendy felt that TLC was above asking for money not Naughty by Nature. Why is Chilli mad, what happened to the money to restart? Once again I have to be on Wendy’s side on this one. What T-Boz and Chilli did was shady.

  5. J Russell on said:

    I look at it as another insidious way for the already rich to get money from people who are not as financially well off as them. Didn’t Pebbles teach them anything about watching their money so they can use their own money today to fund their endeavor.

  6. As long as people will keep offering their money for these projects; people will keep using these kick starter pages. Record labels will no longer pick these artists up. The record labels are not willing to invest their money in these artists because they don’t see a return on their investment. If they use these kick starter pages they don’t have to pay anybody back if the records don’t sell. If these artists want to make good; they should offer these people a portion of the proceeds up to what they contributed if the records make good.

  7. Ms Curly on said:

    I don’t think that any artist should be asking joe public for money to fund their next project. We spend money all these years purchasing your music and going to your shows. Go to an legitimate invester for the funds.

    • Angie B on said:

      I wouldn’t fund their tired arses. If the industry won’t help, why should I? They live lavish lives and all you’ll get is a “thank you” or “the project fell through”. I don’t see a album coming out of these old, tired and irrelevant women. They should do a reality show again or star in a movie. Stop knocking on doors begging.

  8. Williams aint lie tho. Why should common people fund broke ass “artists ” who couldn’t manage their own money?? Bump that!

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