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Pastor Leandria Johnson joins the cast of Preacher of Atlanta, premiering on Oxygen tomorrow, Feb. 3rd.  She will also be part of the Gospel Explosion on the 2016 Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage.

She talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about her new-age way of preaching and if she has lost members since joining the show.


“It’s going to be something very different. Not the norm. You’re going to love the show.”

How does your congregation feel about her participation in the show?

“Some were a little shocked and some were like, let’s go ahead and do it. They’re still there and nobody has left yet.”

On admitting that she drinks Patron:

“I’m normal just like you. I don’t hide anything from anyone. I leave it as it is.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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12 thoughts on “‘Preachers Of Atlanta’ Star Pastor Leandria Johnson Talks Unorthodox Teaching, Drinking Patron & More

  1. Yolanda on said:

    Holiness is the key the Holy Spirit will not dwell in any unclear temple and that’s where your power comes from not judging her it’s just scripture. Also what starts with the head flows to the body she needs deliverance.

    • Your absolutely correct!! The bible talks about how in the last days, people will come in “Christ” name but will twist the word……this is why judgment is coming upon the earth because the church has lost it’s savor!! There is NO different between the world and this entity that’s morphed in “false Christianity”. God doesn’t change. Be holy, for I am holy! My heart weeps because sooooo many are being mislead to hell. Matthew 24 Jesus tells us what to watch for in the last days, before he comes nack. The first thing going was make sure no one deceives you!! Wake up church! Rev 3 declares the state the church is in now….what we’ve been seeing is not the body of Christ and he ain’t coming back for this mess!!! And we wonder why the world is falling apart….

  2. People who are staying away from church solely on the thought that those that attend church are “hypocrits” are missing out on the positive side of being in “church” among those that believe. I have to say that yes, church has become somewhat of a broadway production, “some churches” and not every church is in the business of saving souls and worshiping and praising God. Pastor Le’Andria is doing what most are worried about and that’s exposing some of her weaknesses. Why is she wrong for that? You can’t reach everyone in yo’ nice suits and Armani apparel….you have to meet people where they at…I don’t want to see you being fake and then tell me to obey God, I want to see that you go through some of the same things I do and you struggle as I struggle, that is how we bring people to Our Savior! While I have yet to see the show, one thing I know, Le’Andria doesn’t move unless God has given her instruction and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you don’t approve, don’t hate, just go on about your way….if we had to rely on what others thought of us anyway, we would never be anything because this world, those who are saved and the unsaved, hate on each other…never love and embrace, never show people how to change, but steadily have something to say…but thanks be to God, NO WEAPON! #DoAsGodInstructsPastorLe’AndriaKeepGoing!

  3. I didn’t know she was a Pastor. Leandria has been my favorite winner on Sunday Best since it started. I’m with “Damien” on the reality shows. I’m so sick of these types of shows. I can’t believe Hollywood can’t come up with nothing better. I know that Preachers of LA “supposedly” shows the “human” side of Pastors, and is supposed to remind people that they have issues just like everyone else. I’ve never been a fan of reality tv and I still won’t watch even though my favorite singer is in it.

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